Know Your Own Hearts

“Carnal men and women do not know their own spirits, and therefore they fling and vex themselves at every affliction that befalls them, they do not know what disorders are in their hearts which may be healed by their afflictions, if it pleases God to give them a sanctified use of them.”  Jeremiah Burroughs, The Rare Jewel of Christian Contentment

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4 thoughts on “Know Your Own Hearts

  1. Amen and Amen!

    Why do we whine so when we are “pooked”?
    Why do we think we deserved the smooth road? A stubborn man’s life does lead to death. So why are we, especially as Christians, given to spiritual laziness and a true lacking of the love of dicipline? I have not always loved the correction God gives through trials and I do still struggle to understand it. But under wise guidence to see what I was once blind to about Gods correction I have learned….

    I Love God’s spankings!
    Yes I do mean I love them. Only a loved child knows the true kindness of a fathers spanking. The wisdom that comes from the correction and the strength that is given from this wisdom. All of this pushing me to obey. Loving the learning and loving the obeying leading to the blessings of God.

    Only a true parent would love a child so. And there is no truer parent then God. What a lesson I have been learning of these mysterious ways of the Lord.

    Thank you Father for the Afflictions and Storms you have created in my life. Storms that have produced in me character I would otherwise not have.
    Your Character in me. How great it is to be a child of the one and only living God.

    Thank you Nancy.

  2. I don’t really think we ought to think of God as punishing us by way of tough times. Tough times come with the “fallen package of man” so to say. Here on earth, we experience suffering because of the world we live in. Wether Job was a real man or a fictional man, we do learn that God was not punishing him, but allowing Satan to afflict him to teach Job more about God and man.

    To think of God as a punishing God, is to wipe out the sacrifice of Jesus. It’s done. God does not ‘spank’us and we should not spank or otherwise punish children either. We are here to learn and God will teach us and guide us if we allow him to.

  3. Had no idea what kind of year we were in for when I last read this post. Am so very thankful for the years spent in Burroughs and Watson with you Nancy. God has brought us through much fire this year and I trust it will all be used for good. Thank you for many years of great teaching and encouragement!

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