Happy Heather, take 1

So, I’ve been a lame blogger these past weeks.

There, I’ve said it out loud, and admitting something is the first step towards improving, isn’t it? Usually not, but it always feels therapeutic, and now my guilt is somewhat alleviated. Onward. Onward.

Since inspiration has yet to find me (or I, it), I’ve decided to add a new category called “Happy Heather.” Here you’ll find random things I come across that brighten my day. Today’s “Happy Heather” is for Bekah as it’s a news story from her new homeland. Enjoy.


Santa is being told to shift the pounds before Christmas – because the obese saint is failing to set a “good example” for children.

The traditional children’s hero, best known for feasting on mince pies left out on Christmas eve, has always sported a bulging midriff.

But shopping centre bosses are giving the well-wisher his marching orders – to the nearest gym – to tackle the increasing problem of obesity…

Read the complete story at the Evening Standard’s thisislondon.co.uk

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6 thoughts on “Happy Heather, take 1

  1. Bahumbug! 🙂 That’s that I have to say about that. Just like in a previous post where it says that our children “should remember their mothers as fat” so I say the same for Santa. Like Mrs. Claus in “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer” says, “Eat, Papa, EAT!”

  2. No Way!!

    A skinny Santa will have to hold more children on his lap — and the lines will shoot through faster — and their will be less parents sticking around shopping — and then the retailers will lose money — and then the stock market will spiral out of control, down, down, down… all because of a skinny Santa.

    I doubt it will happen — He won’t lose the weight. The government won’t allow it.

    UNLEEEESsss…. he was a contestant on the Biggest Loser Show. Hmm… that might make for a good show. Santa – The Great Pumpkin – Big Bird – That chubby Leppricon guy.

  3. Nancy

    I don’t celebrate Christmas but this is certainly political correctness gone bunkers. Perhaps they would prefer he looked like one of those stick insects that go by the titles of ‘supermodels’ and ‘celebs’.

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