A not too little Announcement

After four years in business, we have decided to close our downtown shop La Bella Vita. When we first opened, I was seven months pregnant with Lina, and we were well aware that having a business that was dependent on me (it is not my husband who loves to work with flowers after all) could get complicated.

We made a few resolutions at the beginning to guide our decision making. The main thing was that we wanted our shop to overflow from our home, and not take away from it. We wanted to make sure that I was not down arranging beautiful housewares while our own home or children were neglected.

Well, the good news is, that hasn’t happened! On the other hand (as our kind, cheerful, and downright heroic employees could attest), we are no longer able to keep juggling our very joyful responsibilities. In God’s good humor, he sent twins to our family this November. While we are seriously enjoying our newly doubled brood, we simply are not able to keep up with everything else we had going.

To break it down for you, we may have to bring in outside help to get my teeth brushed every day! The shop presents itself quite clearly as the place to pare down, and pare down we are going to do!

I want to be clear that this is not a sad decision for us, although I am sure there are things we will miss. The simple truth is that we are closing the shop for the same exact reasons we opened it: we love home, we love food, we love our people, we love flowers, and we really do think you ought to set your tables with cloth napkins, even if you have to close your downtown shop to do it!

We plan to be closed by the end of February, and there will be updates on the progression of our sale via the church e-mail.

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6 thoughts on “A not too little Announcement

  1. HI Rachael, I will miss your sweet shop; it was always a happy stop for me when I was in town. Beauty is contagious and La Bella Vita was an inspiration. I love my pockets of color and and bold prints that I have randomly throughout my home that have come from your shop. Thanks for your shop but most importantly your love and example to pour into the home the bright colors of gospel.

  2. Sorry to hear about your shop but celebrating with you on the joy you have over your first priorities! I was wondering if anything is available to purchase online for those who live out of town?


  3. It’s been a lovely place to stop…the sort of shop you like even just to walk by. And I just want to say that you have done a marvelous job of it, Rachel. I’ll be sorry to see it go; but it’s not even imaginable to think of chasing two, nursing two, and running a shop. Gotta say, it’s good to know that there are some limits (though they are negligible) on your creative abilities. 🙂

    Anyway, kudos to you and Luke and all the LBV girls for the job you did, and your work will be very much missed among us shoppers. I hope the store comes back someday. Have you at all considered just keeping the business intact and advertising it for sale?


  4. Rachel,
    When I read this post I was sad at first, but then I was thankful; I am thankful for the attitude in which you took this on and the same one you express in putting your “overflowing” love for beauty, on hold. It is WONDERFUL to be a witness to the faithfulness God has spread throughout the land. It is an encouragment to press on and be faithful in the little things so I may be faithful in the big! However, I do not believe I have seen the last of your helping others live “the beautiful life”.

    God bless you and Luke while you raise those sweet little one’s to know and love God.

    much love, Crystal Comis

  5. A hearty, echoing AMEN to all that these ladies have said. You have been a palpable, colorful blessing in our lives and we give thanks for you and your family. The Lord bless you in your beautiful and increasing domestic adventures.

    love, Joe and Jen

  6. Rachel,

    Just let us know if there is anything we can do to help. You guys were so welcoming to us when we opened downtown – we hate to see you go – but definitely understand the reasons!

    Cissy, Missy & Cindy
    The Lilliput Ladies

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