A Published Poet

When our kids were little, we stumbled across (I’m not sure how) a fun little nature magazine for kids that had a Christian outlook instead of the “man is evil and destroying everything” mentality. So we subscribed to it, and I hung on to several of the old issues.

Last summer when the Merkles were living with us, I pulled out all the old issues I could find, and my grandson Knox just gobbled them up. So much so, in fact, that he wrote a poem about spring and sent it in to the magazine for their “from our readers” section.

When they left for England, I subscribed him to the magazine, and a few months later his poem was returned to me because we had sent it to their old address from the nineties. So I resubmitted it to them with an explanation.

Each time Knox gets a copy of Nature Friend in the mail at Oxford, he pours over it, does all the crossword puzzles, and reads it to his siblings. So today, when his April issue arrived, he was quite pleased to find that it had his poem printed in it! So my grandson is now a published poet at age 9!

So if you are looking for a well-done nature magazine for your kids, I can heartily recommend this one. You can find out how to subscribe at dogwoodridgeoutdoors.com. And if you get a copy of the April issue, be sure to look for Knox’s poem.

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One thought on “A Published Poet

  1. A friend gave us several of these magazines a few years ago and our kids love them!
    Hooray for Knox! How fun!

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