Spring Musings

Funny things happen up here in the Great White North when the sun comes out! We have had our first spring day today with the temp getting (I think) even into the 60’s. You can feel everyone’s spirits lifting, the load lightening, and it is just plain wonderful! When it gets into the 50’s here, people start wearing tank tops and shorts just to celebrate. So no telling what will happen this weekend because it is supposed to hit 70 on Sunday.

So I got our porch chairs out of hibernation, and I think we will fire up the grill tomorrow. My forsythia still hasn’t bloomed yet, but it opened April 16 in 2001 and March 24 in 2005. We obviously missed the March date this year, but maybe we’ll beat the 2001 date. You may wonder how in the world (or why) I keep track of such things, but my daughter Rachel made me a lovely gardening notebook for Christmas 1999, and it has a perfect spot to record the April activities in my garden. By May I no longer have time to be writing things down because I’m too busy outside trying to get the place in shape.

Hope your weekend is lovely and sunny!

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10 thoughts on “Spring Musings

  1. Down here in New Zealand, the leaves are turning colour, the flowers are dying and people are starting to brace themselves against the cold that will stay for a LONG time still. So enjoy your lovely spring, and spare a thought for those of us down here. 🙂

  2. Oh my goodness, I just have to laugh a bit (because y’all get to snicker at me come summer). It’s supposed to be 97 here in Phoenix on Monday! Our lawn is already browning, the early rose blossoms have dropped their petals, and the blushing scent of jasmine has been elbowed out by the smell of hot dirt. We got few butterflies this year because it got hot too quickly, but at least our grapevines are curling and twirling merrily away!

  3. I don’t garden and my yard is mostly ignored but spring means our tree-lined street will be in bud and in bloom. Even the hot Boise summers can’t touch us with all the huge overhanging branches. I love them!

  4. At the moment we are knee-deep in mud, and biting our nails while waiting to see if the row of hibiscus made it through the winter.

  5. It’s 73 here in the Seattle area!!!!!!

    I am so sick with this pregnancy that I was only able to enjoy it for ten minutes, but oh, what ten minutes they were.

    Yay, the sun is back!

  6. I remember the year we lived out there that I finally understood why people thought spring was glorious. In South Florida it is barely noticeable but out there I was literally jumping for joy and think the world was wonderful. I hope you guys get a lovely warm one this year!

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