Happy Birthday, Dad!


Today is a very important day: it is my dad’s 91st birthday! He is an amazing man in many ways, and I tell him frequently that he has warped my perspective of what old is. He does not look or act his age. He still runs up the stairs in their house, so when people tell me about someone “old” who is 75 or 80, I think to myself, “That’s not so old.” This past winter Dad snowmobiled sixty miles in one day with my brother and nephew. He loves to be doing.

My dad was an Air Force pilot who fought for our country in WWII and the Korean War. I am mighty proud of him. He has always been a man of great integrity and honesty, who served his country and his family with self-sacrifice and courage.

I have many happy childhood memories involving my dad. He made everything fun, whether it was bedtime with guessing games involving bed time treats, or vacation times where he would take us to places that we kids would love. We traveled, explored, camped or boated every place that he was stationed. And he is still thinking of ways to bless us.

God has blessed my parents with a marriage that has stood fast, and this summer they will celebrate 65 years of marriage. My mom is a jewel, that excellent wife who has been the crown of her husband. They have had so much fun together all these years. I’ve posted one of my favorite pictures of them from the “early days.” My mom is still the beauty, inside and out.

So happy birthday, Dad! I toast you and honor you and wish you many happy returns of the day! May the Lord continue to fill your cup to overflowing!

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9 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Dad!

  1. And a Happy Birthday to Larry Greensides from Nancy’s friend Chris! I first met Larry and Margaret when Bekah was just home from the hospital, 32 years ago. Whenever they’ve come to town over the years, I hope I get to see them, if only for a quick hello, just to let them know they’re my friends too and I’m really glad to see them. Larry really only looks about 65, and I’m not kidding. (Nancy didn’t mention his sit-up routine!) Margaret is lovely. I love, love, love her! Most of all, I thank God for them for giving me such a wonderful, long-time, faithful friend in their daughter. So hope you have a great day, Larry, and maybe you’ll be down with your trailer sometime soon when it warms up so we can have one more quick hello! Love, Chris

  2. Happy Birthday Granddad! I am sure that you are, without a doubt the most fun Granddad a kid could ask for even when that kid is all grown up to have four kids of her own! You really have set the standard for all of us on what we want to be when we grow up – fun, generous, and kind. Tubing behind your big boats, playing in the snow with your little tractor, riding snowmobiles, motorcycles, and granny’s old bike. I love my memories of you carving up ridiculously huge cuts of meat, and slipping Reeses peanut butter cups into our sneakers before we would leave your house. I love that you think of everything before you need it, and then need it! I love the way you care for Grandma, taking her out yarn shopping, buying her pretty jewelry, admiring all of the many amazing things she has made. I love the way you are so generous that you embarrass yourself, and won’t let us look at the money you are slipping into our pockets! I love the way you tell stories, and the life that made them. Thank you so much for being such a wonderful part of our lives, we love you!

  3. Hey Grandad,

    This isn’t Lizzie. It’s me Luke, your grandson-in-law. Happy birthday and thanks. I have the utterly undeserved pleasure of enjoying some of the fruit of your generous life, these wonderful Wilson women. Keep up the good work, you’re a tough act to follow.


  4. Happy Birthday, Mr. Greensides, Wow! 91! I don’t think I’ve seen you for 11 years, probably since Bekah’s wedding. It is good to hear you are still going strong. What a wonderful tribute from your daughter. We all agree. I’m guessing you are computer savvy that you are able to read these. Also impressive. Blessings,
    Heather for the Torosyans

  5. Just a note in the case Mr. Greensides is not computer savvy. The grandparents in our family all use WebTV. They don’t have to figure out the whole computer thing, yet they can still do email, internet, read my blog, see pictures, etc. It’s fairly easy to get started. Anyway, happy 91st! What a blessing to see and enjoy your great grandchildren.

  6. Happy Birthday to Granddad Greensides from two sisters who had the good fortune to stay overnight several years ago when Lizzie brought two tagalong friends for a visit. Thank you for your hospitality, an Italian dinner out, that neat-o pool in your house, and ice skating the next day. We have never forgotten our fun time with the Greensides. Happy, happy, birthday. Here’s to many more,
    Gentry Rench and Casey Griffith

  7. Happy Birthday! I am not known to you, but I too have gotten to enjoy some of your sweet fruit, in your daughter Nancy and her children and I am ever thankful.
    Thank you!! I really just wanted to say how sweet it is to see that Rachel looks so much like her beautiful Grandmother. What a blessing!!

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