This sums it up pretty well.


Today we had our sweet cousin Ameera over to play and busted out the golden oldie of paper plate hats. What can’t you do with a glue gun, pipe cleaners, some splashy ribbon and enormous paper flowers? After the initial tea party in the fairy palace we turned the fairy hats into fairy belts so we could run with greater fairy alacrity. This particular little sunshine is Daphne.

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6 thoughts on “This sums it up pretty well.

  1. My 3 year-old, Fiona, would like to know if that picture is of her. (I told her it’s not, but she insists it looks like her.)

  2. My skill with crafts for little girls is rusty since my first 3 children are boys. Would you mind sharing some directions for how to make this cute hat? (I’m assuming you made the paper flower, but I don’t have any idea how.) I have promised my little one a party if she would use the potty (she didn’t train easy like her brothers) and it seems I now need to make good on my promise. I know these hats would be a hit with her.

  3. Cyndi-
    I am happy to share. The ties on the hat is just one long ribbon threaded through two holes on the sides of the paper plate. We made the paper flower with one of those huge scrapbooking papers, folded like you were going to make a snowflake, but just cut the edges in petal scallops (big ones). Make on little notch in the center. I think I snipped a slit in between all the petals when we opened it up. Then, with a couple pipe cleaners make curly cues for the center, leaving one of them long to go through as a stem. I put it through, and then drizzled hot glue in the center of the flower and smunched it all together (just in the center). The pipe cleaner can be wrapped around the ribbon on top of the hat, and then glue it down to the plate. I did a couple smears of hot glue on the underside of the plate to help it not slide off the head as easily. I think we also tied more ribbons on the back end of the hat. There you go, I hope you have a fun party!

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