Good News!

Canon Press found a box of Hot Providence that they didn’t know they had, so they have about ten copies for sale…..going fast.

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8 thoughts on “Good News!

  1. Hello Mrs. Wilson!

    My mom and I have been listening to your series on The Pleasant Home lately, and we heard you reference a good commentary on Proverbs by someone named Brooks. We’ve been looking for a good commentary, and so we were wondering if you happen to remember the title of the commentary and the full name of the author?

    My email is, if it would be easier to reply that way.


  2. Hi there. If I said Brooks, I was sadly mistaken. The commentary is simply called Proverbs, by Charles Bridges. That’s the trouble with tapes! So sorry!

  3. Nancy, I am trying to find a copy of Hot Providence for
    a sweet friend of mine. I have called Canon Press, local bookstores in Moscow, and even residents in Spokane who I don’t even know! I understand it is out of print, but is there a chance
    that someone is hiding a stash under her bed?

    Seeking in NC,

  4. I too would love to find a copy if any still exist:) I have enjoyed following all of the Sabbath Meal posts since recently discovering your blog.
    Thank you.

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