Happy fourth piece of pie!

So, although July is not the best time for working with pastry, it must be done. What else would we put all the homemade ice cream on?


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4 thoughts on “Happy fourth piece of pie!

  1. we made pie and homemade ice cream, too, rachel! what kind of pie(s) made the menu for your Fourth feast? i see you made more than one! 🙂

    thanks for your fun inspirations, here and on lady kirkbay.

    joe and jen carlson

  2. Did you know it’s actually not hot enough to fry an egg on the pavement, even at noon on a 115-degree July day? However, it still feels too hot inside for me to even think about turning on my oven! I’ll just pretend your picture is a scratch-n-sniff instead and have my ice cream in an ice-frosted bowl. Yum!

  3. Hi Jen-
    I’m glad you were also pie baking – our choices were two strawberry rhubarb and one peach pie. I did make a nectarine cobbler just in case, so now we have leftover pie. Luckily, that doesn’t trouble anyone!

  4. Ok, these are three recipes that you have to e-mail me. If you have some free time that is. They sound so nummy. Especially the nectarine cobbler 🙂 Blessings~

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