A Whoop and a Holler

It seems our friends in Holland know how to party. When the Merkles were visiting Holland last month, they picked up these party decorations and kindly bestowed them on us, like merchant ships bringing their goodies from afar. We had a couple of birthdays in mid-July, and so we had a worthy excuse to hang them up. But now I don’t have the heart to take them down, they are so cheery. I’m thinking November they’ll come down, and I’ll put them back up in February!


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9 thoughts on “A Whoop and a Holler

  1. Those look like ours – only our flags are orange and our garland is parrots joined by the beaks. Whenever we go to Holland we find new ones. 🙂

  2. Those are lovely. Are the flags made of fabric? I would want to leave those up all year as well, only to be replaced by Christmas decor.

  3. Do I see correctly that you have one of those ceilings with the plaster stalactites? They’re a pain to clean. 🙂

  4. Faith,
    Just in case you thought I was serious….the party decor is coming down tomorrow. I was exaggerating about leaving it up until November. Didn’t want you to think I was really going to let the little Holland delights get cob-webbed and dusty. And Franci, you would go and point out such things. But at least it isn’t the cottage cheese kind with sparkles in it. Much tamer.

  5. I’d take plaster stalactites any day over our cottage cheese kind of ceiling. Praise God there are no sparkles! I sweep it with a broom to clean it–yes, curds of that cheese come down, but I figure that can’t be an entirely bad thing!

    I love those decorations! Much more fun than streamers and balloons! AND they’re reusable?!?! Anyone have a website where these can be ordered?

  6. Valerie,
    Funny you should mention the skirts. All 8 skirts are going to the Oregon coast with us this coming week, and I’m imagining a pretty splendid picture of all eight granddaughters modeling them on the beach. So thanks for giving me a good excuse to post a pic when we get back!

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