Last night Doug took me to see Expelled, the movie with Ben Stein on the Intelligent Design movement. We had been looking forward to it after seeing the advertisement, with Ben Stein sitting in the hall outside the principal’s office. The kid next to him says, “What did you do?” and he replies, “I asked a question.”

So the film is basically Ben Stein traveling the country/world interviewing scholars, some who have been “expelled” from their jobs in academia because they were so foolish as to question Darwinism. Parts of the film are truly chilling, like when he is exploring the impact Darwinism had on Hitler and Planned Parenthood.

Do go see it if you can. It is well worth it. And though in the first part of the film it is frustrating to see ID proponents deny the need for a Creator, by the end of Stein’s journey, he has shown the foolishness of that idea as well.

My favorite part? Richard Dawkins suggesting that aliens from some advanced civilization may have “seeded” the earth, which got the whole evolutionary process going. Pixie dust, maybe?

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9 thoughts on “Expelled

  1. This was an excellent film-I saw it in the spring before it ended its run in our local theaters. We took a group of high school students to view it as well-they were intrigued and (I think) enjoyed Ben Stein’s treatment of the subject.

  2. Nancy-Thanks so much for posting about this! Shortly after I had read your post and expressed interest in seeing this to my mother-in-law, she received a phone call from someone offering free passes to see it this evening! I wouldn’t have even thought to go see it if I hadn’t read your blog first! It was well worth the solo trip to the Kenworthy:)

  3. OK- Mrs. Wilson. So, we’ve been wanting to anyway, so with your recommendation we went to look at where this movie is playing, and it’s NOT anywhere in town. Now, I know that Spokane is a little bigger than Moscow, but did you see it at the cheap theater for older movies, or is Moscow, Idaho really that far behind the times?! 😉

  4. Near’s I can figure from the Expelled website, the film is showing only for privately arranged engagements. And near’s I can tell from IMDB’s showtime listings, Moscow, Idaho, and Appleton, Wisconsin, are the only two towns where that’s happening today, and that it leaves Moscow tomorrow. So I think most of us are going to have to wait for the DVD.

  5. In Salem, OR Expelled came to our big movie theater in May and I saw it with my highschool science class. I really enjoyed it too. We all got a chuckle out of the alien answer and I thought that the Berlin Wall analogy was pretty powerful. I don’t know if our city was a special case in the showing schedule, but even if you have to wait for the DVD, I agree it’s worth the watch.

  6. _Expelled_ came to a regular movie theater in our town (Huntington, WV) in April, I think. Or maybe it was May. I was surprised but happy that it played in a smallish town like ours. Another movie along the same lines is _The Privileged Planet_ based on the book by Jay Richards and Guillermo Gonzales. (Gonzales was one of the professors from _Expelled_ who lost his job because of his belief in ID. He’s now at Grove City College in PA.) We got it from Netflix. It’s fascinating!

  7. Nancy, that was my favorite part of the movie too. He seemed to think himself and his views so invincible at that point of the interview that he let down his guard.

  8. It is astounding that Dawkins doesn’t think past aliens’ starting the ball rolling to ask, “Where did the aliens come from?”

  9. Yes! I loved the part at the end where Dawkins’ ‘logic’ was exposed! I’d absolutely recommend this documentary as well. When it comes out on DVD, I will definitely be getting it.

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