Entering the Fourth Decade

Today my son Nate turns thirty. Born well into the last century, he arrived, or should I say, he burst onto the scene, in the evening of August 12, 1978, an apt foreshadowing of what was to come. So it is happy labor day for me in many ways. Not only was I thrilled to have a healthy, nine-pound boy, I was also grateful and glad I had made it to the hospital and that he wasn’t born in the Rambler we were driving at the time.

Not knowing if we were having a son or daughter, and already having an almost-two-year-old daughter, I remember wondering if a boy would be as easy to love as a little girl. What a funny thought! And weren’t we in for a wonderful journey, a journey we are still happily on.

His father and I are pleased (amazed) and grateful for all our son has accomplished in his twenties. He astounds us with the sheer volume of productivity and fruitfulness, loving signs of God’s blessing on his labor.

Hardworking, cheerful, and resilient, he has always had a sturdy backbone. Whether it was in high school on the football field (or basketball court), in college and grad school, as a teacher, husband and father, and now an author (and speaker), we have always seen the same things: courage and faithfulness, humor and humility. He has always worked hard but made it look easy, so much so that sometimes people thought he wasn’t working at all. But we have had a close view in the bleachers and seen the sacrifices he was making.

Doug’s brother Evan and his wife Leslie mark this day as their thirtieth anniversary. They got engaged right around the time we found out we were expecting, so we knew we wouldn’t make it to California for the wedding, not by a long shot. So a happy 30th anniversary to them as well!

And to my son, well done, way to go, you impress us more all the time. I can say that I have always looked up to you and counted on you and been proud of you, but you have really surpassed even a loyal mother’s expectations. May the Lord bless you still more abundantly!

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6 thoughts on “Entering the Fourth Decade

  1. An auspicious day, indeed. This would have been my grandparents’ 84th wedding anniversary. If I’m remembering my dates correctly, they made it to 72 years of marriage before Nana died. They spent their honeymoon in a tent and I’m sure were working hard the next day, as they did every day of their lives.

    Today was also the birthday of our dear neighbor who died in May. Which reminds me that I ought to call her daughter and my mom today.

  2. Today is a popular day for birthdays. Both my husband and my firstborn son share this day as their birthday and it’s also my husband’s parent’s anniversary!! They’re celebrating 36 years. My husband turns 29 and my son turns 3. What a blessing.

    Happy Celebrating!

  3. Happy Birthday, Nathan! May the years to come keep the stories flowing from your pen – we enjoy them!

  4. How is there a dry eye in the house???
    I can not believe how normal every one is responding. I am weeping hear people. What a wonderful writing and honoring of your sweet boy. I pray I will walk in those awesome foot steps with my 2 sons.

    Thank you for sharing this story of such personal and glorious motherly pride and love. I have been greatly encouraged!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY NATE! We miss you all. The Comis fam.

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