Finished! And it’s pretty cute too.

 This is the dufflecoat pattern from Debbie Bliss Essential Baby, which I just finished in Rowan cashsoft (wonderful!) The model (and owner) is our very own Chloe Poppins, now ready for Idaho autumn as seen from the stroller.


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17 thoughts on “Finished! And it’s pretty cute too.

  1. PRETTY cute?!? That is the biggest understatement ever, I’d say.

    That sweater is amazing. Wow.

    I think it might be my favorite handmade sweater ever…

  2. What a precious bundle of joy! I love seeing photos of your babies. The sweater is a beautiful design and the stitches look great.

  3. Ok, so I adore it, and want one…would you be willing to make some to sell?
    And your little model is pretty darling too!

  4. How about a barter? I will give you one of my children if all the rest can have a sweater. 😛 (But seriously, *I* want one. That would be so fun to wear!)

  5. I’m so jealous! I want one for each of my boys… just not in pink. 🙂 Perfect timing too, it’s stinkin’ chilly!

  6. Are you familiar with Elizabeth Zimmerman’s knitting patterns? She has a garter stitch jacket with hood that is knit in one piece and then just seamed. I knit one many years ago for my son. He was older than your children and always called that grey garter stitch sweater his coat of mail as he was into knights and castles at the time!

  7. and a post script to the above post – Zimmerman gives directions for changing needle size and yarn weight that allows you to make the same jacket for an adult.

  8. I love Debbie Bliss. You did a beautiful job!!! Well done!

    I have been in the mood to knit for a couple of weeks now. It’s hard when you’re in Arizona to find any need for knitting but since we’re in Pittsburgh temporarily on business with my husband for a few months it has made me yearn for knitting. There’s a lovely yarn store down the street from where we are staying. It looks like I may be visiting that today. Of course all my Debbie Bliss books are back at home. 🙂

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