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Hello everyone. I must say that some the recent comments in the Palin discussion have reached the level of truly appalling. The fact that this is an online conversation does not mean our Christian graciousness and decorum should go out the window. These are our sisters (and brothers) in Christ. Some of you may not have much practice in thinking through your faith/decisions/scriptural interpretations out loud with others but it can be done without hurling insults. Meeting people who approach things differently than ourselves can be a great opportunity to get grounded in what we already believe (as it causes more thought, study and searching of the scriptures). And sometimes (believe it or not, boys and girls), we find that we’ve been wrong. By all means, let’s continue our conversation but if we can’t speak charitably with one another, there’s no point.


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29 thoughts on “On Conversing

  1. There’s an XKCD comic that shows a wife calling to her husband to come to bed because it’s getting late. The panel also shows her husband busily typing on his computer. His reply is “I can’t come to be now. Someone on the internet is wrong!” It’s funny because it is oh so true of internet conversations.

  2. down from the roof, but with extreme caution.
    Thank you Heather.
    You are a no-nonsense girl, I think.

  3. Heather~

    You have ALWAYS had a gift for conversing about sensitive issues with charity and christian love, without compromising your convictions…whether with a surfer down by the point, one of our wacky UCSC professors or someone at One World, your graciousness speaks louder than any argument. Thank you!

    Miss you,


  4. Thank you Heather for putting a foot down. I love this site and enjoy the dialogue so much. As much as I enjoy grappling through issues this has not been helpful and I really don’t want to have to sift through the garbage to get to the interesting posts. It is to easy to fall into sin instead of being sharpened or causing sharpening to others. So thanks a great deal!

  5. Thanks for the link, ladies! I poked around the site for a bit, but didn’t find it, and…um…wasn’t being particularly edified in the process. 😉

    Crystal, upon reading your comment this thought popped into my head: We’re supposed to be iron sharpening iron, not claws sharpening claws!

  6. Nancy,

    I am guilty of being unkind to someone on the other thread and for that I’m trully sorry. This blog is a blessing. I’m new to this whole blog thing and have learned a good lesson. I’m really sorry I contributed to the negative speech and will from here on out just let things go.

    Blessings to you and all

  7. Valerie, that’s the problem with a lot of these comics. When they’re good they’re hilarious. When they aren’t they tend to run into the gutter. Unfortunately XKCD is a prime example.

  8. Hi Valerie,
    I have often been struck by your humbleness on this site. Thank you for adding sweetness as a poster by writing with that heart. It really is an encouragement.

    Good imagery on the claws there, that’s pretty funny. Unfortunately that does seem to be what happened here. Clearly it gets dangerous when individuals forget we are typing away to real people here. Not to mention people who do not really know each other well, so there is a limited amount of that foundational love in which to shake the house on. So these jabs are quite offensive.

    But I am so glad to see how quickly things got rained in here aren’t you. Quite awsome! One word from one of our gracious Hostesses on this site and out pours the sweetness again. It’s wonderful! We all have so much to be taught in life and this is a wonderful place to be chiseled don’t you think!! 🙂 I love it!

  9. Thank you Heather. I felt the same way that you did when you posted your original posts about Palin. And, I felt a little shell-shocked when some of the other stuff came pouring in. Thanks for being the referee and encouraging Christian charity amongst us women. Don’t we get emotional and self-righteous easily? In fact, so much so, that when I first saw that cartoon (it was posted in the comments of Blog and Mablog a little while back) I assumed that it was a WIFE on the computer. Ha- I am seeing myself in that stick figure! Funny Natalie assumed it was a husband!

  10. You must understand that my husband (a programmer) originally pointed this out to me. Also, he spends a lot of time on the internet arguing about various software related issues 😀

  11. In giving my opinion, I did not intend to do so in an offensive manner. If my manner did offend, I apologize.

  12. I must appologize for my household, as we dragged it out even last night. We bagan to take it much too much to heart, taking on the offenses of others and growing in anger.
    Please forgive us as well for our part in this.

  13. Crystal,

    If only you really knew me, you wouldn’t say such things! 😉 I just got too busy to keep up with the discussion here, or I’m sure I’d be needing to order a heaping helping of humble pie. The nice thing is that everyone here is so domestic that it’d be sure to come à la mode and with the flakiest crust ever baked!

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