A Quick Post Mortem

Well hello all. I have been pretty busy with life here on the ground, so it wasn’t until late this afternoon that I had a moment to survey all the mashed peas and carrots on the floor around my table. But I was grateful that my very capable daughter-in-law Heather had blown the whistle. And I was also appreciative for the many humble responses she got as well.

I would like to encourage those of you who would like to continue the discussion to move on over to my husband’s blog where he will be posting on events as they unfold. But I would like for the discussion here on femina, as regards Mrs. Palin, to be closed for now. Call it a breather.

And, as a sort of wrap up, I’d like to make a few observations. Here they are.

Whether you think it is right or not for a woman to hold office in the White House, one thing is clear, and that is that we cannot talk about it yet the way we need to. Maybe we need more prep time.

Secondly, I do not see any reason in the world why any Christian woman should be threatened by Sarah Palin. My calling as a wife and mother, my view of God’s role assignments for men and women are all the same as they were before she was nominated. Nothing has changed. She threatens none of that for me.

It is also clear to me that although many Christian women say that they have a very high view of woman’s calling, for some it appears to be a brittle veneer for what they really think about women.

So onward. I recommend you all whip up a batch of cookies and knit a bootie. Or, you can do as I am going to do, which is pour myself a glass of wine. Cheers!

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22 thoughts on “A Quick Post Mortem

  1. Wow. If the coffee had chocolate, and was more like a shake than coffee, I would be all over that breakfast.

    Maybe I will have leftover wine with my pizza tonight. πŸ˜€

  2. I know. This is another thing that makes me low class. πŸ˜€ However, I don’t eat fish sticks. One must draw the line somewhere.

  3. I’m grateful to my mother that I’ve never eaten a fish stick and I’m glad you don’t either! Just try the coffee without the chocolate for a week or two and I promise you’ll get used to it. Then another week or two and you’ll love it. And before you know it you won’t know how you stomached it with all the sugar in it. Of course you have to use good fresh coffee but that shouldn’t be too hard.

  4. Not the fish sticks people! Why are we dissing that fine bit of cuisine?

    (I think I have a package somewhere in abyss that is my freezer)

  5. Mandi,

    I’d have to drink coffee on a weekly basis to do all of that! (I’ll just stick with the chocolate part πŸ˜€ )

    Fish sticks have long dwelt in a disturbing corner in the back of my mind. They’re right next to the Spam. Although Spam just came up in the world when we had our baptism party and I made spam musubi…good stuff, except for the sea weed….

  6. Fish sticks belong, in my opinion, in the same class as hot dogs, store bought cookies, and cake mixes. Not a staple food, not a recommended food, but sometimes, you just gotta have some.

    With ketchup. (The fish sticks with ketchup, that is, and the hot dogs, not the cookies or cake!)

    (Although I generally only consume fish sticks while pregnant, leading to another question: why do we crave, and thus eat, bizarre foods while baby building? Why don’t I crave broccoli? Why is it always KFC and red licorice!?)

  7. One thing is for sure– there is never a shortage of “foodie talk” on this blog!
    One of my recent favourites was the peanut butter post (thank you to the Wilson’s I now occasionally sneak a PB and brown sugar sammy!!).

    Thanks for all the stimulation, encouragement and inspiration (to bake chocolate chip cookies!!) that this blog so often provides!

  8. I make “not-your-two-year-old’s-fish-stick” fish sticks. Use salmon cut in strips, coat in bread crumbs (I use garlic bread crumbs) and a little shredded parm, bake in the oven and serve with a homemade remoulade. YUM. Not to mention a good way to get your kids to eat salmon.

  9. For my fun thing, I went to the airport to pick up my mother, who lives really far away. She is here for a month. It’s like a really great dessert.

  10. My life is too busy to have read all that was written here about the current political scene but for some reason in the midst of what I did read I was reminded of this: I have this blessing from God, a Christian woman friend who is 90 years old. Once when I expressed my frustration regarding some outcome in life not making me particularly happy or not seeming to be what I thought it should be (I was working toward another end), she said, “Did you discharge your duties as best you could. Are you fulfilling your God-given role? If so, then REST, we labor to REST.” It seems we Christians should have the most rest in our minds and souls, yet we fret. A sovereign God rules over all. I am resting in that. And I think because of that there is quite alot of humor that I see in this our God’s world… Praise Him! And now for a glass of wine.

  11. Hmmm, a glass of wine. Great choice! Think we’ll join you.

    As for fish sticks, when we married, my husband knew how to cook three things: canned cream of mushroom soup, baked potatoes, and Mrs. Paul’s fish sticks. Praise the Lord, we haven’t seen two of the three in 23 years. The other one, now being served with real butter, sour cream we soured from real cream, and cheddar cheese that actually melts, is still welcome at our table – but only in winter:-) Who needs a baked potato in TX at this time of year?

  12. BTW, I am not the Pat who left comments on the recent political discussion. Maybe I need to change my name to ‘Pat from TX,’ or just ‘the other Pat’!!

  13. On referring to fish sticks: “(I think I have a package somewhere in abyss that is my freezer)” – Me too! I had a good laugh when I read that. My mom used to make them for dinner for her six hungry children when they were little. Although we must be pretty odd, because we always dipped them in miracle whip. πŸ™‚ Oh, and in regards to chocolate IN coffee? I’m with you all the way sister! I just can’t stand black coffee. Call me uncouth, uneducated, or just plain loopy, this is one gal who loves her chocolate in her coffee! πŸ™‚
    Might I just add another random thought: I appreciate the lighthearted, humorous nature of this post as opposed to the tumultuous, mish-mash of emotions, accusations and confusion swirling around the Palin discussion. Praise the Lord, everyone seems to be back on track. God is good. πŸ™‚

  14. Ahem – I hope no one felt as if I were speaking ill of them in my referral to the “Palin” discussion. As I read through much of the commentary I felt somewhat relieved that I had not joined in, because I saw how easily I myself would have said things I later regretted. I only meant that it was nice to see things back on track in Femina blogger-land. πŸ™‚

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