Today was Lina’s fourth birthday, and I had decided to mostly make her gifts this year. That’s what I decided, but we ended up buying her a little bike, and the nightie is still on my sewing table! However, I did make one gift, and I was really happy with how it turned out (and so was she, which made it all that much better), so I decided to do a little show and tell. Seriously now, tell me you wouldn’t just love this if you were four.

But wait, it opens!

No way! It’s actually a house!

And you can even get inside of it to put the fairies back in their sleeping bags (hey- I didn’t have any time for furniture!)

This was a pretty fun little project, and the thrill payoff was more than enough to make me plan one for Daphne for Christmas! What do you think?

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29 thoughts on “Fairy Purse

  1. ummmm…. I am 25 and I LOVE that purse. So would my five year old. That is incredible. I love it so much. You are incredibly gifted! What a blessed little girlie to have a Mama who takes the time to do such thoughtful sweet things!

  2. Oh wonderful! I have 3 girls and don’t think I would ever have the time to make them each one, but may give it a shot anyway….would love the tuturial!

  3. My 4 1/2 year old would love that! Is it your own design or did you find the design in a knitting project book?

  4. Wow…Great job! Honestly how in the world do you find the time, talent and brainpower to put together such an adorable thing?!?!? I am always impressed by all the talent I see displayed here at Femina…now if I could just develop some of my own… ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. This is just too wonderful for words! It makes me wish I had little girls…

    How DID you do it? Seriously, a tutorial, please! I’m so curious! I love the fabrics and the colors, too! So cute!

  6. Okay – my daughter turned four in August and all she got was a lousy t-shirt! I’m kidding…

    Will these be made available or at least a tutorial that the least common denominator (me) can follow?

    I could use one for waiting for doctor’s appt’s…

    Too precious!!!!!!

    Holli T.

  7. Rachel, this is adorable. Way to go!!! I know she will spend hours and hours playing with it.

    Aunt Monica

  8. Great job!! Love the fairies, how did you make them? I am not the first to ask and hope that your silence is only temporary and necessary because you are busy putting together a video tutorial of how you made those adorable fairies! Your creative juices inspire and I am blessed to be splashed on by such fruit. Thanks!

  9. Hi all-
    glad you like it – I do too! It was my own design, but in a rare outburst of diligence I wrote it all down as I did it, just in case on some contingency I needed to make some for my other two girls. Anyways, I’ve never really produced a pattern so it might take me a bit to figure that out. But, in the meantime I should mention that this was made with all supplies that I had on hand (is that cool or embarrassing? I don’t know!)

  10. Cool, not embarrassing!
    I am already trying to thing of a way to make one for my little girls just with a differant strap as I’m not a knit/crochet kind of girl (although I wish I were)…

  11. I think my four year old niece would Love one!!! Do you have an Etsy shop yet? Or, perhaps you could have a contest and give one away….to me ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. I want one too! Not that you have time, but there would be a great market for these! Maybe you should sell your idea…

  13. So, my first daughter turns two in December. I have about a year to figure out how to make this. Oh, please, please share the pattern! This makes me want to lose myself in crafty-fairy-land!

  14. Ok, girl, where can I order one or two:) Seriously! These are just too sweet for words! Between this and that great sweater you made not to long ago you would make a very loyal customer out of me my dear! Kudos! Your work is wonderful.

  15. I was just perusing fairy house options online, and this is seriously so cute. I’m sure you have nothing to do, so in all that free time, please teach us how to duplicate these for all of our fairy-loving girls. ๐Ÿ™‚

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