Some Unrelated Thoughts

Lest you all think I’m only preoccupied with the election I thought I’d mention a few other items of possible interest to the masses.

Cheese Curds vs. Mac and Cheezers
There used to be an A & W billboard near our house that we had the pleasure of passing daily. It read “Cheese Curds…Curiously Delicious,” and had a lovely photo of the aforementioned curds. Now for the life of me, I have never understood the appeal of that particular slogan or the item it advertised. Caused a shudder of revulsion every time. But just when we thought fast food side dishes couldn’t get any worse, Nate returned from Arby’s with what I’m ready to proclaim as the winner, Mac and Cheezers. These battered and fried triangles of “your childhood favorite snack” are “great for snacking when you’re on the run or camped out watching cartoons on the family TV” (their words, not mine.) Good, family fun, eh?

Sarah Palin on Saturday Night Live
Yes, its politics again but her skits were funny. You can watch one of them here. She was also rockin’ some super cool, black boots.

Anyone else sick and tired of movies adding unnecessary tackiness? There are so many movies that would be fun recommends except for a scene or two that added nothing whatsoever to the story. Giving the qualified movie/TV recommend is always a challange. “It’s great except for … (you fill in the blank) And then since every family generally has their own standards of what’s acceptable viewing, it makes the job even tougher. All that said, if you enjoy a good CIA/the Middle East is a Mess/action flick (with the situational language and violence of the genre), Body of Lies is an good pick.

100 Cupboards
Nate’s latest post is on the origins of 100 Cupboards and why I am somewhat responsible for it’s beginnings.

“We both would have happily moved on, and the snappy book title could have gone to live where thousands of other snappy book titles had gone before. But instead, my wife chimed in. She laughed. Her eyebrows showered skepticism. “A stupid book,” she said. “Who would read a story about cupboards?” Read the rest here.

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22 thoughts on “Some Unrelated Thoughts

  1. Mac and cheese triangles sound rank.

    Cheese curds in a bag sounds just as bad but slightly healthier. I remember a co-worker eating some cheese curds in a bag from a cheese factory in Nampa (ID) and the look of it almost made me puke. Something about touching little nuggets of cheese. Ick.

    The movie thing—totally concur. I hate recommending movies anymore. I get too embarrassed to do it for fear of offending anyone by a stupid scene that was TRULY unnecessary.

  2. Brittany, Brittany,
    Why did you have to add a sound effect? Can you actually find those in Santa Cruz? (I may not be a granola sort when it comes to food but I do miss a good Zachary’s tofu scramble)

  3. I probably have not eaten a cheese curd since I was about 8 years old and we took family visits to the aforementioned Nampa Cheese Factory. It was an awesome place! We watched workers in bombproof suits stir massive vats of curds and whey. We bought bags and bags of curds and ate them in the car on the way home. Those were good times. Hangin’ out in the summer grass. Squeakin’ cheese curds with grandparents, uncles, and cousins. Drinkin’ beer. Shootin’ guns. Sometimes we’d try to squeak out a song and we’d take turns namin’ it. Nothin’ like the good ol’ days.

  4. Well, I was talking about the deep fried kind. We had the the cheese factory variety this past summer when we toured the Tillamook Cheese Factory in OR. No problem with those curds.

  5. OK….
    I have wanted to say something about cheese curds for four years now, but this is my first opportunity.
    I am an American, living in the greater Toronto area now (for 4 years). They have this thing called poutine here. It is French Fries, covered in cheese curds and gravey.
    Honk if you’ve ever tried it.
    My children were offered Poutine on a platter, and I was really afraid they might latch onto it as a favorite-food-of-all-time. But I am pleased to say that all five who were present backed away in horror.
    I will not eat it myself either, but I did reach over and pull out a bit of the cheese curd. Oh my…..they do squeek, but it was such a flavorless squeek. Even with gravey.
    I know it takes all kinds to make a world, but cheese curds are disturbing to me, with or without gravey.

  6. I discovered cheese curds in college in Kansas. Fantastic 2am study food, (and they also go nicely with cheap beer). Yes, they squeak. They also come in flavors and you can buy them at truck stops and gas stations all over central Kansas. I am totally exposing my white-trashiness to the Femina public now- yikes.
    But, the A&W fried ones are SO yummy.
    And those Arby’s mac n’ cheesers sound very similar to Jack in the Box’s Cheesy Macaroni Bites. And, I gotta confess- these have been my ultimate splurge since I discovered them. I think they are just to die for. I’ve been telling all my friends and family that they have to try them. Don’t tell me now Arby’s has them too. Fast food- the worst downfall and final temptation of my measly financial and healthy self-control attempts. (Sigh)

  7. I saw those Mac n’ Cheese things advertised at Arby’s . . . it made my stomach churn just looking at the picture – deep fat fried breaded something-or-other with mac n’ cheese spilling out of the inside of it. *shudders*

  8. I must weigh in on this one. We live in Northern Wisconsin. Apparently the self proclaimed cheese curd capitol of the world! I love them. My kids love them. You can buy them at the grocery store – FRESH! The fresher they are – the squeekier. I am a native Seattleite and had never heard of cheese curds before we moved here. I am an avid fan! YUMMY! – Mrs. Young, I love your confession.

  9. I agree that I usually have to give a qualified movie recommendation. What is far worse is when I forget about scenes (because time has passed and I have hit the fast forward button) and I give an unqualified movie recommendation. Oops.

  10. That story about 100 Cupboards is really great. I love how Nate’s post starts with that story and says how fabulous you are in the next paragraph. =)

  11. I’ll try to pose this question in a place that won’t embarrass me (or you) too much. 😉

    I read awhile back in your husband’s bio that he loves the smell of your hair–that it smelled like the ocean’s spray.

    My first thought was: “What great shampoo does she use??”

    Care to share your hair fragrance secret??

    –Beth S.

  12. Isn’t that just a reference to her mad surfing skillzzzz? (Or, perhaps her cranberry intake?)

    I think that I would love a lot of the stuff that sounds gross to me, or looks gross, when I’m out and about. If I were to ever *try* one of those horrible mac ‘n’ cheese things I’d probably start craving them. Best just stick to chocolate…and doughnuts, and cookies, and french fries, and….

    One day I will give cheese curds a chance. Whenever the two of us happen to be in close proximity.

  13. I’m cracking up about the shampoo.

    I recently had my first taste of fried cheese curds at some place called Culver’s. Hubby knew all about them and proclaimed them to be delicious – I have to say I was very doubtful, but they weren’t bad at all! And I was still in the depths of (medicated) morning sickness and everything. 🙂

  14. Yeah- DON’T try the fried macaroni cheeser things! They will haunt you- call to you- as you drive by all of the Jack-in-the-Box and Arby’s (now that I know about Arby’s too, thanks Heather) drive-thrus everywhere!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Resist. If you don’t have your first taste, you will never know what you’re missing. Good advice.
    I am embarassing myself, and up too late- goodnight ladies!

  15. Wow. I never knew their was such a cheese curd culture. Thanks for sharing (though you’ll still never find me going for the curd or the cheezers).

    Sorry to disappoint, but I haven’t the vaguest memory of what I used on my sadly, dry, surfer hair back in the day. These days, however, I’m have to recommend Pureology products for their lovely smell.

    And Ruth, been there, done that. Then there’s those movies that you saw, you can’t recommend, but the one liners still get you dying with laughter…”so hot right now, “…anyone?

  16. I haven’t laughed so hard in ages as I did with the SNL Palin rap. I love a girl who can laugh at herself. I think the liberal media can’t even help loving her, as much as they want to hate her.

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