The fortnight has rolled around again

Pssstt!! Would you be a dream and just dash over to the Fortnightly Purse and do one more quick survey? I promise I’ll stop with the survey thing . . . it’s just that I need some info at the moment. And if you do, you can get another entry for the purse . . .


Come on – you know someone who needs a coffee crock for their safari right? So get yourselves on over to The Fortnightly Purse to find out who won the last purse, and enter for this one!

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3 thoughts on “The fortnight has rolled around again

  1. Speaking of cute decor and good things to eat…does anyone know what happened to Abondante Living? I bought a coffee grinder from them several months ago and was about to recommend it to someone else. But it looks like their website is down.

  2. I, too, would like very much like to know what happened to Abondante Living! It was an inspiring website, with a very fine outlook on the Sabbath.

    ~ Susan

  3. I can’t believe that I accidently found this blog! How exciting!

    about Abondante Living – they did close the business, for reasons I’m not sure of.

    Nancy, I met you a few years ago at Veritas Teachers Training Conference, I was Ty’s assistant at the time. Now I’m staying home with our two little ones. I love love love your blog! just what I was looking for, didn’t expect it to be your blog 🙂

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