Fabulous Fall


A while back someone on here asked for some fall pics of our lovely Palouse. I took these today while out on a stroll with my good friend Jan, and I’m afraid they look pretty dull in these pictures compared to the real thing. We loaded up our pockets with leaves and acorns and crab apples to spread out on our Sabbath tables. This is why we love fall up here so much. This is also the reason we moved to Idaho back in 1970. Here is the evidence. Take a look.


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8 thoughts on “Fabulous Fall

  1. Glad that I will get to see the beauty in TWO days…and a few kiddies to frolick in the leaves with!

  2. Thank you so much!! I don’t think I’ve ever seen trees so beautiful in person! We’ll have to plan a vacation in the Fall next year. This year we must stay put and await baby #4 (10 days and counting) in the 90 degree heat of Phoenix. I’m not complaining, it’s beautiful in the evenings and we leave our windows open all night. God makes all things beautiful in their own way. Thanks again!!

  3. I saw the pictures when you first put this post up a few days ago. But I just had to come back and look at them again today. It so beautiful.

    It makes me happy that places like this really do exist. It is glorious and I praise God for it, even if it’s not something that I can have right now in my life. By the way, Fall is my favorite season of the year. I enjoy all seasons but I feel like I come alive in the Fall.

  4. Very lovely. Thanks for sharing. We will not have fall colors here in the heart of Texas until the end of November. Yesterdays’ high was 85, but today it’s only 67.

  5. I came across your blog recently and have enjoyed it. What beautiful trees and I love the hills in the second photo just as well. Around here, in the flat cornfields of the midwest, hills are rare, if at all, unless we travel to see them in a few areas close to us.


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