Repent or Perish!

 Here are my little Dutchgirls (both in real life and pretend!) As you can see, we really go in for scary costumes!

And here are our little twin- bobs, funnier than ever. And in case you were wondering due to our inspecific clothing, Chloe is on the left, Titus on the right.

So, happy Trick or Reformation to you and yours!

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11 thoughts on “Repent or Perish!

  1. I laughed so hard over Thing 1 and Thing 2! That was my favourite book when I was four.
    Happy Reformation Day!

  2. My children all loved the pictures of your children. God has blessed you richly with children and creativity!

  3. What absolute fun! They all look totally gorgeous! The girls remind me of when my sister and I used to get dressed up as little dutch girls. Haha, I never thought that I would see Thing 1 and Thing 2 in living form! Made me laugh heartily, just what I needed after an exhausting day! Thank-you for sharing your creativeness-so inspiring!

  4. RACHEL!
    I LOVE THOSE LITTLE DUTCH GIRLS! Their cousins think they look great too! The twins are darling. Smooches from Auntie Meg

  5. If I wanted to use the idea for my twins (of the Things!), can I ask how you made their blue tops? Thanks!

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