On the Job

One of the things my husband enjoys immensely is engaging in debate over the truth of the gospel. So he is having a fabulous time on the East Coast traveling with and debating Christopher Hitchens. They have just arrived in Philadelphia after being flown from NYC via helicopter. Though Doug spent several years in the submarine service, he had never flown in a helicopter, and he said it was a great ride. They flew around the Statue of Liberty and then down to Philly. A photographer friend of my daughter-in-law’s parents happened to be in New York yesterday and attended the first debate at King’s College. She snapped this pic and kindly sent it on. Many of you have said you are praying for Doug, and I thank you all very much!


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7 thoughts on “On the Job

  1. I’m missing my man tonight, too, because he’s there watching the debate! He’s with some colleagues and (I think) about 25 students. We’ve been praying for your husband. God bless him.

  2. Mickey and I are praying for Doug in the debates. Our church mens’ prayer breakfast read the book and prayed on Tuesday morning as well. We look forward to a first-hand account next week when you and Doug come to the conference!

  3. My son will be going to the debate today in DC and is very excited about it! Can’t wait to hear the details. If you talk to your husband, his name is Ron and his birthday is tomorrow!!
    My husband is also a pastor and was a submariner!!
    We, too will be praying for this Providential encounter.

  4. Nancy,
    I couldn’t wait for our company to leave tonight so I could get to the computer and tell you that I saw Doug debate in DC. I wrote a comment on his blog, but I wanted to let you know that prayers were answered, for many traps were layed for Doug and the Lord gave him such clarity of thought and speech that it was literally a surprise a minute for the pro-Hitchens crowd. Sally Quinn was like a teenage Hitchens groupie during the introduction saying she’d never heard Doug before but has seen Hitch leave many Christians bleeding on the floor. Well, let’s just say, she now knows who Doug is and she’s probably singing something like, “It’s my party and I’ll cry if I want to…” Most importantly Doug gave a clear Gospel presentation at the end. He was kind in all he said and demonstrated genuine concern for Hitchens and the crowd, yet didn’t cede an inch to the lies. My friends and I prayed and prayed throughout the debate that softened hearts would hear Christ’s call!

  5. I loved the video clip on Doug’s blog. Very slick. Zac commented on how much “nicer” Doug looks than Hitchens. So great that Nate could go and report on the events. Such fun to imagine Doug and Hitchens hooting over favorite Wodehouse lines in the cab. I think that Hitchens has met with Christianity in a way that he did not know existed. I’m sure you’re thrilled he made it back without getting mugged. Have a ball in Florida. Cheers!

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