Loving the Sisters

Unfortunately, some of the worst misogynists in the world are women. Ever since the fall, man has had a roving eye, and that has introduced a good deal of competition between women. Women often get catty and critical when they see success in a friend or sister, and rather than rejoicing with her, they want to see her belly flop. They want to be friends as long as she is having troubles, but once she is prospering, her friends will often abandon her.

This is clear as can be in the case of feminism. The liberal feminists claim they want what’s best for women (as long as they can define what that is), and they become  positively vicious when they see women succeeding in ways that don’t conform to their feminist paradigm. Because it is not really about women in general, it is about their own selves, what they want, what they think, what pleases them. And feminists (in general) hate women who disagree with them and their agenda. So feminism is not at all about loving and helping women (big surprise), but is about promoting a certain political agenda. And even among those who agree with one another, there is backbiting and cat fighting when it comes to competing for the same job or the same man.

But Christian women can be guilty of misogyny as well, hating women who do not fit their own paradigm of what is acceptable for a Christian woman to do. They can be just as catty, critical, unkind, and haughty as the unbelievers can. But the terrible difference is they use Bible verses to beat their sisters over the head. Or they shake their heads with self-righteousness as they look down on Christian women who are getting more attention (usually male attention), who look better, are smarter or richer. They don’t seem to mind what the unattractive, unpopular women are up to, but get themselves in a lather if it involves someone who is considered “further up the ladder” or “in the spotlight.”

This is old news. Competition, envy, and all their ugly companions rise to the surface when women give way to this fleshly rivalry. And the more insecure they are about who they are in Christ, the more threatened they feel, and the more spectacular the reaction.

Christian women have an opportunity to demonstrate to the unbelievers what real sisterhood is. Christ enables us to love one another in Him. This is clearly supernatural grace that is antithetical to a fleshly competition.  A gracious love for the sisters overlooks an insult, rejoices with those who rejoice, weeps with those who weep, and looks out for the interests of others.

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9 thoughts on “Loving the Sisters

  1. Thank you Mrs. Wilson for this applicable post. I am a new reader, but am already SO thankful that I have added you to my Google Reader. I’ve just been struggling with my best friend, who is newly married. She seems to be unhappy a lot, and I have tried to force my biblical views of wives on her. Thank you so much for this post, and renewed perspective on how I should be thinking about her

  2. Mmmm, this is good. But Nancy why are women so easily given to competing with other women? Why do we not desire to see our sisters rise up and be blessed?
    I have thought about these little battles within the relationship of women. I see some insecurities, some envies, but why? Discontent I guess, unthankful for what God has given to each person, an unwillingness to appreciate our lot in life and even put ourselves under Gods foot in what and to whom He chooses to give.
    This is a pretty nasty dragon and I have noticed it creep it’s ugly head into my own heart at times and I have no intentions of tolerating it. I do in fact commit to lopping off it’s head.

  3. Crystal,
    I think it is just plain ol’ sin. Like I said, ever since the fall, man has had a roving eye, which sets the woman up to compete for attention. But if we live the way we say we believe (that God is sovereign over all), we see the nonsense in competition.

  4. Nancy, The attention issue is a real issue for sure. Oh that we mite find our security in God and be thankful for the affections of our fathers and our husbands. Then maybe we will truly be able to do well in the things God has given us to do without our eyes always looking to see if we are keeping up with Sally Sue down the row.
    A nonsense indeed, silly vanity to fret for what God puts in place.

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