The “Crash Pile”

So here is another one of my hot “no skills needed” mothering tips (much like the cardboard box, but less work and no scissors). Yesterday was cold and dark and rainy and so were my little people. We were having the kind of morning where the kids lay sort of draped on the edge of things and claim to be physically unable to take of their pj’s. Lots of weak knees and hair in our eyes. So here’s what we did (don’t get me wrong – you could do this without bad attitudes first!) I just helped them get dressed with a lot of excitement and I made them put on their sneakers because they were going to show me some of their “crazy skills”. Then, we made the crash pile. It consisted of several couch pillows, two down comforters, and afghan, and a lot of miscellany. I showed them the route that I wanted them to run (start at the end of the hall, through the dining room, into the living room, and then the crash pile!). We set up a drink station at the end of the hall to be refreshed between runs! I’m sure all you mom’s know what happened – rosy cheeks, lots of hilarity, some of the craziest skills you’ve ever seen -all the good stuff!  When we got tired of running we pulled chairs over to it and jumped high into the air into the crash pile. Yeah, it was a mess in the living room, but it was very, very worth it!

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15 thoughts on “The “Crash Pile”

  1. I don’t know about this one. I just don’t think my Middle Eastern blood runs with such frivolity. πŸ™‚ You really would have had to know me years ago to know how much I’ve progressed; To the point where I don’t cringe from a craft with an empty Huggies box. That was a mouthful of a sentence, don’t be too hard on me with the grammar either, English is my third language.

    Even if I can’t get myself to do this I am so grateful for moms like you who help teach me how to loosen up. πŸ™‚

  2. this sounds like so much fun! we’ll have to try it out.

    i have to say, though, the diaper box craft has caused some problems around here. we’re a primarily cloth diapering family, only using paper in the nursery and when we’re out, so i don’t have a diaper box!!! my daughter is dying to make “one of those *really* cool houses that the ballerina had”, so now i’m digging around our garage for a suitable replacement. πŸ™‚

  3. Even now my boys are jumping onto a pile of couch pillows and blankets and running around pants-less. It is a good way to get some energy out without going out. (It may be cold and rainy there, but here it’s still hot and muggy.)

    As always, thanks for sharing.

  4. We once did something similar to this, and it included a box from a brand new washing machine.
    We put the box at the end of the hall, filled it with pillows and the guys took turns getting up a running start, and then throwing themselves into the box.
    Lots of padding is required for this one.
    Maybe it’s a better one for boys.

  5. My kids are too big now (how sad), the house might come crashing down. If you have stairs (with carpet) a favorite pass time is sliding down the stairs in a sleeping bag or a crib mattress. But I have to say it is going to be a long winter for you if you are already having to find indoor fun. We here in the south can’t relate much to dreary days this early-of course we are in a drought and would love a cold rainy day to stay in and sip tea, none in the forecast for the next 15 days.

  6. I’ve been quite sick for well over a week now and my dear children are all beginning to manifest various forms of my flu these last few days- imagine air mattress in the living room, lots of wadded tissues, orange juice cups, throw up bowl (pardon the info!). All this to say, I’m envisioning a delicious “crash pile” recovery party in a few days!

  7. Rachel –
    This sounds like a blast! What a fun mom you are. I can remember when my kids were younger, we had an old couch in the livingroom. I let them jump on it, and play with the cushions as much as they wanted. I figured that they would get too big to play this way soon enough, and then I would buy a new couch. And you know where I got the idea? From watching you, Bekah, and Nathan jumping on your couch and playing with the cushions.

    Aunt Monica

  8. Today we decided to hold a “real race” (after the disappointing races of yesterday), and took the girls to the park for lots of silly racing. We did obstacle courses around bushes, sideways racing, backward racing, relay races with Crayola markers, up hill and down hill. Even the baby ran her little chicken legs off. The funniest scene, however, was watching them all try to “stretch out” with Daddy afterwards. After dinner my husband and I did an awards ceremony by running in super slow motion down the hall while singing the theme song to “Rocky” and crowning the winners with chocolate goodies.

    Our little escapade sure did delight our children, but it really boosted our dispirited hearts too!

  9. We have one of those couches where all the cushions and pillows are removable. Crash piles are frequent in this home. I’ve vowed that when my children outgrow this, I want a nice couch with NO removable cushions! πŸ™‚ Fun, but messy!

    Reminds me also, of our pastor telling my husband that their family camped in the living room on Christmas Eve–complete with tents! So my husband had the great idea to follow in their tradition–all the blankets and pillows in the house got stuffed into that tent! I got claustrophobic, but the kiddos loved it!

  10. Thanks for the inspiration – We’re babysitting my toddler granddaughters this rainy weekend, and it may come in very handy!

    Here’s another idea if you have a long hall with slick flooring: my daughters have been entertaining my granddaughters with “indoor skiing”. You take a jump rope and have a toddler hold on tight to one end of it while sitting on the floor at the end of the long hall. Then have a bigger person on the other end of the rope pull the toddler really fast down the long hall. They love it!

  11. Love the description of the kids not being able to move, just yesterday my three year old girl had a “tired arm” and this morning both of the girls were “sick” after spotting Daddy’s cough drops :o) Thanks for the creative distraction tactics.

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