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Doug and I have been here in “springtime” for the last few days, and it has been refreshing and encouraging in many ways to be with the folks here at the Family Advance at Sandestin. There have been several choice things I have wanted to remember to pass on to you, and I should have been taking notes. But here are a couple that stand out (and you can always order the tapes if you’d like to hear it all).

Doug has been speaking about “My Life for Yours” and his opening talk emphasized the need for parents (and everyone else) to understand that law exists in a context of grace, and not the other way around. He pointed out that there was blood on the doorposts before the law was put on the doorposts. Parents can take the things that are intended to feed their children and turn them into things that destroy them. Instead of emphasizing what we “get to do” on the Lord’s Day, some (with a zeal for the law outside the context of grace) emphasize instead what we “may not do” on the Lord’s Day.

Pastor Steve Wilkins has been teaching on friendship, a subject that the Bible has much to say about. He mentioned that living with wisdom means living skillfully, beautifying and glorifying. Now that one I will ponder on. He has exhorted us to understand our God-given need for friends, and laid out some of the duties of friendships as well as the kinds of friendships.  He said that you cannot choose your family, and in many ways you cannot choose your friends either, because all those in the household of God are called to love one another like family. Good stuff.

We will go worship this morning and then head off to Pensacola this afternoon where we will spend some time tomorrow with the folks at Trinitas Christian School. Then it is home again, jig-iddy jig.

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13 thoughts on “Sunny Florida

  1. That is so true. I especially like your comment about not getting to choose your friends. I’ve seen that a little at my church because our community groups (that meet weekly in various homes) are portioned out geographically instead of being based on interest or life stage (ie joggers, young marrieds). I get a lot of practice communing with people who I otherwise might not ever get to know very well. It’s really turned out to be a tremendous blessing.

  2. is our church web site that will have the Sandestin conference “recordings” of the lectures by Doug Wilson, Steve Wilkins, and Nancy Wilson. The conference was great! This year’s lectures are not up yet, but last year’s are still there. Check out the beach pictures while you’re at the web site! We are so blessed to live here.
    Judy Schneider

  3. Nancy,
    Is there any place online where people can read “Principles and Methods,” the chapter in The Fruit Of Her Hands? I have it (the book) here. If I get a clear opportunity, I want to be ready to share that chapter w/a few people legally if it could be done. Wasn’t it first a Credenda Agenda article? At any rate, if you can help or tell me how to proceed short of buying a whole bunch of books (which I did 9 or 10 years ago), a link perhaps, I would appreciate it. if it’s not possible, that’s ok too of course.
    That little chapter revolutionized my life when I first read it, and now that I am getting a little older, I appreciate it even more from a different perspective.
    If all churches (even elders), and certainly women, could get those truths into our/their brains for good… imagine the troubles that would be avoided in the Church.
    I appreciate you!
    Anna in NH

  4. I never did get to come up and tell you how much I enjoyed your talk, so, I did! Thanks. (I’m slightly more memorable than general faces because I’m really tall and pretty pregnant.)

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