Dust off the Advent Hymns

Last night was our monthly psalm sing, and I have to say that it is just plain ol’ wonderful. We have a music director, Dr. David Erb, who is taking us on to the next level of congregational singing, and he is not only talented musically, but leads with authority, humor, and an enthusiasm that is catching.

He often leads us with his trombone, while Corinne Reagan accompanies on the piano. One week he brought some percussion instruments for a few volunteers to play. (I believe my husband got to bang on a drum….something he no doubt enjoyed!) The basic format is singing with a couple of breaks. After we sing for a bit, we pause for an exhortation from one of the elders.  Last night my brother-in-law Gordon spoke about Christmas traditions and how we ought to make sure we keep them connected to the first things. (“Don’t make Christmas hell for everyone else so that you can have the tree and the gifts and the candles just so.”) Then after more singing we pause for a recital; someone in the congregation with musical talent performs a piece for us.  Mark Reagan treated us to a love song in Italian that he is working on in his voice studies at WSU.

All this to say, that I am so thankful for the psalms and hymns and for those members of our congregation who can lead us in learning them. It always refreshes my spirit, and stretches my abilities. (And they need quite a bit of stretching!)

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6 thoughts on “Dust off the Advent Hymns

  1. Sounds lovely! My church used to sing psalms more, but we have sadly gotten away from it. Your monthly psalm sings would be a real treat!

  2. Oh yay! I love to hear about the Wilsons! I hope Gordon told the stuffed nose and no tree smell story! :^) (Lots of exclaiming!)

  3. I’d love good tips on Christmas music. We’ve actually got quite the collection, but are missing some of the hymns that I love. Any good suggestions for CD’s that might have Of the Fathers Love Begotten, Lo how a Rose, etc?

  4. Jennie, You should check out Kemper Crabb. And Sufjan Stevens. Very different, but both good. Kemper definitely has Of the Father’s Love Begotten, and Sufjan has Lo How a Rose E’er Blooming. 😀

  5. I know I’m a little behind here, just getting around to commenting today, but I was just wondering if Dr. David Erb is related to Clayton Erb? I grew up at Grace Community Church in Los Angeles (John MacArthur is the pastor there) and Clayton was our worship guy…two musical Erbs seemed odd to me. 🙂

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