Advent Calendar, speedy version

We already have an enormous Advent calendar, which I love. I am also finishing up a  knit one pretty soon here,  which you will see the moment the last end is woven in and the last pom pom is installed. So you will be relieved to know that the two of these which I made are being sent to family! You could of course make this out of prettier paper (although it should be cardstock). Mine were really the “crank it out” version. I had wanted to get pretty glittery number stickers, but couldn’t find any that weren’t part of an alphabet set, which slowed me down (instead I bought one pack of 64 stars for $2 – can’t beat that!) and just wrote the numbers. You can find the directions for making the little packets at this great craft blog. Ours are full of Hershey kisses, one for every member of the family.

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8 thoughts on “Advent Calendar, speedy version

  1. This is great. Thanks for posting. I tried a suggestion last year for stringing together Hershey kisses that was difficult to make and it didn’t stay together well. This is much better. Looking forward to making it myself.

  2. For years my family has made paper chains out of red and green paper with chocolate attached inside each link. The days counting down to Christmas not only have candy, they have the many, many chains decorating the wall shrinking down. And of course, the whole making of the chains party is loud hilarity of ‘who’s got the stapler now!?’ And keeping the babies out of the chocolate bowl.

  3. ‘Sfunny…I swung by Wendy’s tonight on the way to Bible study and thought about getting a baked potato with a sour cream packet that looked like an advent calendar. But eating potatoes in the car is not as easy as you might think, so I went the junior bacon cheeseburger route, sans sour cream.

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