Acorn purse for fairies (to live in)

So, I have four of these going right now for four nieces. They will each have a fairy inside. There is a fairy inside of this one that you can’t see yet because I haven’t painted her face, but she has pink hair (and an orange skirt, and red tights). These were very inexpensive “ornament boxes”, which I hope will turn into a fun little Christmas present!

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6 thoughts on “Acorn purse for fairies (to live in)

  1. I can’t make out what the acorn is made out of. You said ornament boxes. What is this? Where did you buy them? How did you make them look like acorns?

  2. Oh I love this. This is such a great idea!!! My girls would go happy over this! We have a ton of fun with faries. My girls want us to tell them stories about faires all the time. This would make such a fun present. Thanks!

  3. Okay I confess I am not a knitter. It’s not that I can’t, it’s just that I don’t anymore. So as cute as the knitted acorn is from the link above, Rachel could you tell us where to got that ornament box you made the acorn from please? Thank you!

  4. Hey all-
    Sorry about the confusion! I thought the picture would enlarge which of course would have made it all clearer. I got the “ornament box” at Michaels in the Martha Stewart christmas stuff. It was on sale for $2, and unpainted. I keep putting quotes around it, because I have no idea what the thing is intended to be! Anyways, I cut the Loop off and poked holes in each side at the top. I crocheted a big stem/loop for a handle and to hold the two sides together and added a leaf. I think you could very easily do the same thing but use a ribbon for the loop, and either skip the leaf or put a big tag (laminated if you want) with the girls name on it, and fairy postage and “Handle with care” stamped on it. Maybe I’ll do that on the other ones now that I think about it!

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