One of the delightful things about Thanksgiving is the name of this holiday: thanksgiving. “Enter into His gates with thanksgiving, and into His courts with praise; be thankful to Him and bless His name. For the Lord is good; His mercy is everlasting; and His truth endureth to all generations” (Psalm 100:4-5).

As we rejoice in God’s provision for us (symbolized by the big turkey on the table with all the trimmings), we want to remember our thanks to God goes far beyond this: we bless Him because He is good, He is everlastingly merciful, and His truth stretches beyond our own generation to those to come.

Tomorrow is the day of many preparations. As we prepare the meal, the table, the house, and everything else, let’s remember to prepare our hearts to be thankful to God from the moment we rise until we fall back into bed. Thankful as we roll out the dough, peel the potatoes, and iron the napkins, thankful as we prepare those foods everyone has come to expect for Thanksgiving dinner. Thankful if something breaks or spills or burns or is forgotten or unappreciated. Thankful as we wash the dishes. Thankful for leftovers. Always and for everything, giving thanks!

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5 thoughts on “Preparations

  1. Today was Thanksgiving with my in-laws. And as I stood before the sink, scrubbing pots and pans, I thought of your posts on being thankful.

    It was in this moment that I became grateful for the sink, suds, wrinkly fingertips and all. As the men stood outside, I realized (for the first time) that this kitchen sink is where bonding happens amidst the ladies. I felt their gratitude for my willingness to help (I used to hide when the washing came due. For I hate washing dishes). The conversation came easy and the quality time was most cherished.

    I am thankful for wise words that have helped me appreciate my family in an ever simplistic and lovely way.

  2. Wonderful post as usual! Thank you for the wise and prudent reminders. Like bobbinoggin, I too am not a huge fan of scrubbing dishes (alas, our dishwasher is broken, so I am getting plenty of practice at washing dishes the “old fashioned” way!) but just last night as I was scrubbing away, I was reminded of how I am to be thankful always, in all things. So I thanked God for every little soap-sud, floating in the sink before me. How many of our Christian brothers and sisters living in poverty and persecution around the world would rejoice to have a home of their own, where they are safe from persecution, and have the opportunity to wash their dishes with clean, fresh, running water and plenty of germ-killing soap! (Terrible run-on there, sorry!) How much better and brighter the world seems when we look for opportunities to thank God for what we have, instead of looking for things to complain about! 🙂

    So thank you once again Nancy, for another wonderful reminder of what Thanksgiving is really all about. Blessings on you and your family this Thanksgiving!

  3. My preparations start today. As I got my husband and son off to hunting this morning, I sat looking at my kitchen wondering where to get started and what to do with these little ones here. I was tempted to let my mood sour a bit. Then I read your post and realized how ridiculous I was. There is so much to be thankful for. This is a joyous work.
    So, I’m rolling up my sleeves, putting on some Christmas music, making some more of my favorite coffee, and getting the kids and myself busy; with a thankful heart and a cheerful smile.
    Thanks for the encouragement.

  4. Tears. and more tears. I am deeply convicted and exhorted by your post and the comments. Exhorted and profoundly thankful!

  5. Mrs. Wilson,
    That was a great post. Right now, I’m sitting in bed with a stomach bug, so it was a great reminder to keep my chin up and to not feel sorry for myself. I’m hoping that this is the sort of thing that blows over after a day, but if not…..well, this will be the first test for real thanksgiving in my heart!

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