The Kind that Sticks

So we are getting snow right this minute, and it is the kind of snow that is sticking….which means everything is getting a lovely coat of white, changing our brown (chocolate) landscape into a winter wonderland!

Of the many kinds of snow, this is one of the good ones, especially for our first snow. We have snow that slops down and melts in a few minutes, and snow that falls beautifully in big clumps. This is a real heavy snow that is fulfilling all the wonderful snow aspects that a good snow should have.

And now it is making sense of all the Christmas lights around here! Two more causes for rejoicing: my husband and I just finished hanging the last lights around our front porch three hours ago, and I planted those daffodil bulbs yesterday! Hoorah!

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12 thoughts on “The Kind that Sticks

  1. Hooray to you in getting your bulbs planted! I remember one Minnesota autumn when I planted 150 daffodil bulbs and who knows how many dozen tulip bulbs only for us to have a winter drought. This Southern girl was so relieved to not have to help her new husband shovel snow that winter! Little did I understand, though, how vital snow is to producing beautiful blossoms! Spring came and no flowers. Why? No blanket of snow to insulate them while they slept. Is there a death and resurrection picture here?

  2. Rumor has it that we are due to get 5 inches tonight (Seattle area). I’m a little doubtful, but the kids would be so excited to wake up to a snowy day!

  3. Here in NW montana, we’re getting the same storm. In any winter weather I always sing to my children ” Oh the weather outside is frightful….let it snow, let it snow, let it snow “. Of course I sing the whole song which makes my younger children giggle and laugh and my older children smile politely as if to say “OK, Mom, we know you like the snow, enough singing”. Yesterday my five year old son came in the room blaring his own version of the song. (same song, just in a five year old way!) I loved both his delight and enthusiasm and the looks on his older brothers’ faces!

  4. We like to say that “snow covers a multitude of sins” at our house. Especially the tacky, inflatable Santa across the street. Oh yeah, we’re rejoicing in the snow!

    Yesterday gospel choruses from my Sunday School days popped, unbidden, into my head: Whiter Than Snow and He Owns the Cattle on a Thousand Hills. It’s amazing how those snippets can rattle around for decades before they come out!

  5. You’ve just now had your first snow? Wow, if only we Michigan dwelling folks could say the same, haha! 🙂 We’ve been the recipients of buckets and buckets and buckets of snow already! But it is rather beautiful (except when it must be scraped and brushed off of one’s car every morning at 6:00am, and/or when it causes one’s car to fly off the road into a ditch…) and I must say that I do love what the snow does to the brown, dreary landscape! Praise the Lord for His blessings, great and small, fluffy and frozen! 🙂

  6. Ah, you can keep it, Michigan! We are in NH and there’s been quite the ice storm. Over half of NH was without power, and many won’t get it back before the end of the week. It’s fabulous that we got iced at the exact moment many are hurling from a particularly nasty stomach bug going around. Fa la la la laundry, is all I can say!!!!

    Off to find the posts on contentment.. haha…. Anna in NH

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