What obedience looks like

Here is a little reminder for those of us in the midst of a good snowfall just what it looks like to enjoy God! I love this dog, and I’m not even a big one for animal videos!

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8 thoughts on “What obedience looks like

  1. Back in ’89-’90 I lived for about nine months in a house that backed up to a golf course. There were golfers out there pretty much all the time, but after dark or in the snow, we could take my roommate’s dog out to frolic. The snow (we actually got a decent amount that winter) was especially fun, as we could throw snowballs and Jessie would go gleefully bounding after them. Of course they were not to be found once they landed in the snow, but that never gave her paws pause — she’d chase after the 20th one with as much joy as the first! I’m listening to your dad’s Ecclesiastes sermons, and I think Jessie in the snow was the perfect picture of profound and futile joy under the sun!

  2. Very adorable Rachel we all just watched it! There is much JOY for the season in that video! The sweaters you made for the twins were adorable by the way, you are a great Mom and wife.

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