The Christmas Program

Last night we went to the Logos School Christmas program where the children assemble on the stage and sing Christmas carols. We have probably attended this event over twenty times. The preschoolers are always up first and are by far the funniest and cutest because of their antics. With two darling granddaughters in the group this year, we were of course duly impressed, as we were with the combined kindergarten and first-grade class performance. Our handsome grandson and his little sister were in that group.

But each year when we watch the preschoolers I can’t help remembering my daughter Rachel’s preschool performance in 1984. (You know what it’s like: little four-year olds who are easily distracted on the stage and blissfully unaware of themselves all the while.) After her class’s song she came back and sat down next to me for the rest of the program. I leaned over and told her that she had done a very nice job. And she said to me very matter of factly, with all preschool modesty, “I know. I can’t help it.” And with a shrug, “I just sing pretty.”

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