Keeping You Updated

So the snow dune on our front porch has grown to be enormous and is being met by the snow sculpture falling down off the top of our porch. That’s my good man out shoveling! The bad news is that the temp is rising. It snowed in the night and most of the morning, but now we are having (no joke) rain. That means all these fluffy mountains of snow are going to melt or freeze over. Either way, it won’t be nice. But it is still beautiful at the moment. The rain hasn’t brought all the snow down off the trees yet. They are still heavily flocked, but their time may be short. But we had a magnificently white Christmas!


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3 thoughts on “Keeping You Updated

  1. We don’t have as much here in the Seattle area, but the same freeze or melt issues. Driving in our neighborhood is very exciting, even with chains! Your snow is much prettier than ours, though. Enjoy it while it’s white! 🙂

  2. Our kids would absolutely love to have that much snow on the porch!! (and in the yard..)
    It looks wonderful!

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