And Hedgerows

I nearly forgot all about hedgerows. They are everywhere in the countryside and seem to do the duty of the fence or boundary or barrier. Right now they are brown and scruffy looking, but come spring, they will be a fat and bushy green. We went to Bath (pronounced bah th) today and on the way I was reminded of how much I enjoy them. You see them outlining the pastures and fields, and I can’t help but wonder how old some of those hedgerows are. Do they ever die? The stories they could tell!

A good friend here in Oxford who grew up in Bath made an observation that I now see is quite true. She said that Bath is lovely, and Oxford is interesting. After visiting Bath today (the amazing ruins of the Roman baths, with the Abbey very significantly towering over them, the Pump Room, the Crescent, etc.) I see exactly what she means. Oxford is very serious business indeed: colleges and churches and the martyrs’ monument. Very impressive. Bath has long been the site for leisure and is obviously all about good shopping and relaxing the eyes with the beautiful bathstone buildings and, of course, Jane Austen. What could be lovelier!


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2 thoughts on “And Hedgerows

  1. Oh my, you have some CUTE grandkids! I was noticing that the three oldest look pretty close in age; may I ask how far apart they are? I have two children, a son (2-1/2) and a daughter (14 months) and am expecting my third child in May. Having them that close together keeps one busy, but it is a lot of fun. 🙂

    Keep having a great time with those grandkids.

  2. Hmmm. Let’s see: 10,8,7,5,4. Birthdays are all coming soon, so they’ll be turning over. But the two older girls are just 15 months apart. The others are closer to two years.

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