Way to Go, Atlanta!

We are so happy for y’all down in the South who are getting some snow! We were wanting to share our snow with you, and now that ours is all gone, we hope you are having a lot of fun sloshing around in it. Seriously, I hope it isn’t too tough on y’all. We have snow boots and snow tires up here, and I know you are ill-equipped for such things.
When we were in the UK, they were reeling from snow as well. They are not accustomed to dealing with it, and they have very little equipment for it. At Oxford we were walking on non-shoveled, icy cobblestone  much of the time. And we certainly didn’t  blame them. Why should they have snow-removal equipment that they haul out every 18 years? Meanwhile, y’all in Georgia, whoop it up!

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7 thoughts on “Way to Go, Atlanta!

  1. We are in Birmingham, AL. We got about 3 inches and it seemed like the whole city closed down! The newspaper mentioned that some grocery stores had stocked up on milk and bread to prepare for the snow. A lot of things got canceled. Of course, the sun came out and by 2:00 there was almost no snow left! But, our boys had a great time playing it in while it lasted.

  2. I am not quite as far south but we did get hit with the snow which was our first (and probably only) real snow this year. It is amusing to see how everyone responds to the snow when they are not ready for it. I was certainly happy to get it, though I am not liking the frigid temperatures that came along with it.

  3. My family lives in Athens, GA now, but while I was growing up we lived everywhere from Wisconsin and Minnesota to Virginia and Ohio. I have missed “real” snow, where it actually covers the ground and gets higher than your toes. The snow has been SO fun! My 20 month old doesn’t like it much, though. Too cold. The hard things down here are the people unaccustomed to driving on snow, who try anyway, and the dead wood in all the trees which take down power lines all over. Everybody I know seems to have been out of power at some time, and some of them still are. The real craziness is that this Saturday, temperatures are supposed to hit 74!! Right now, there’s still snow on the ground, though it’s disappearing fast. I wish we could have about one of those every year, then Georgia weather would be about perfect!


  4. From a born-and-raised southern belle , now living in Atlanta, a great big THANK YOU for using “y’all” three times in this post!! Our snow was lovely, although by evening, it was just a yucky, slushy, muddy reminder of the snowy, pretty morning.

  5. You crack me up!
    I grew up in Atlanta, and I remember a few snowy days in my childhood. It was always such a celebration when it snowed!
    Now I am in Toronto, where people just grumble about snow.
    (especially in March….)

  6. I grew up in rural South Carolina, where in my family, snow always meant no school, building snowmen that wave with snow hands to the few who will brave the roads, Daddy home from work, Momma making hot chocolate, wearing lots of mismatched clothes in an effort to stay warm and dry, in short, pure pleasure.
    Monday was that for my little crowd as we, for the first time since we moved back here, built a snowman, celebrated my husband’s day off, took a walk out in the loveliness, and played with neighbors we never see.
    It was wonderful to share this kind of snow day with my husband. He’s from the suburbs of Chicago, where growing up he never had one snow day. Here’s to Southern Snow Days!!

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