My Own Shameless Appeal

This is what my husband calls “shameless appeals” on his blog. Turns out that Logos Bible Software has a new digital edition of my books available here.

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4 thoughts on “My Own Shameless Appeal

  1. Nancy, I am excited to see these available digitally, but I do have questions that I can’t seem to find answers for at that site. Are these ebooks that can be read on an ebook reader (I have a Sony Reader that I love!)? What format are they presented in, please? Thank you!

  2. Andrea, I am so sorry but I am no help on this. All I can suggest for you is to ask someone smart.

  3. Andrea-

    These books are available for use in a digital reader from Logos Bible Software. When you order this Pre-Pub, the library comes free with your books (although it’s $59.95 for Mac users). These are more than PDFs or Kindle editions, because the text of these books comes with advanced tagging and linking to Bible texts (in tons of translations) and other books, advanced searching, and lots of other great features.

    Take a look here: This is a video of one of the Logos Bible Software base packages, which uses the same library)

    The main thing to keep in mind with Pre-Pubs, like the Nancy Wilson Collection, is that in exchange for pre-ordering, you get a big discount. As the ship date moves closer, the price goes up. So you’ll want to order early to get the lowest price. You can learn more about Pre-Pubs here:

    Let me know if you have any questions: khendricks [at] logos [dot] com.

    Hope this helps!

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