I am secretly preparing to be a granny. Even though I prefer knitting (I really do), these hexagons are sucking me in! Someday they will grow up to be an afghan, and probably have children of their own.march09-014.jpg

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14 thoughts on “Snippet #1

  1. i adore the colors in that!! i have a beautiful all wool afghan that my nana made fifty years ago. it seems to get more beautiful every year. i know your family will treasure this beautiful thing that you are creating♥

  2. I am learning to knit but I really enjoy crocheting. What pattern are you using? The colors that you chose are very pretty. I can’t wait to finish my dishcloths and start an afghan!

  3. Valerie-
    I haven’t decided yet, but I am leaning black. Although I have seen some really fab ones with vivid blue or white. We’ll just have to see what happens. And since I have several hundred more squares to make before then, I guess I have time!

    I found the pattern on ravelry, but you can get it off the coats and clark website for free. It is called “graphic granny afghan” by Katherine Eng. Good luck!

  4. That blanket is so…

    Okay, I have to admit, I just had my husband help me think of a word (I’m too tired to be typing things for public consumption), and with the power of a thesaurus, we came up with “lovable” or “enchanting” after I said no to about fifty words I feel like I overuse. So, pick whichever one you’d like – it’s a great blanket.

    (On another note, would it totally freak you out if I added you as a friend on Ravelry? I’m just getting started there and am almost friendless. 🙂 )

  5. Bean-
    You crack me up! I would totally freak out if you DIDN’T add me as a friend on ravelry! I would do it to you first, but I don’t know your username! I’m “lizziejank”

  6. Love it! I have just been thinking lately of starting on granny squares and this may be just the final push I need.
    By the way, I’m sure you have heard on this book or even read it……but if not, I really think you must check it out. THE GENTLE ART OF DOMESTICITY by Jane Brocket. I think any homemaker would enjoy it but with your love of knitting and crochet I think you would love it. (which may be a presumptuous statement since I don’t know you in person, only in blog :o)

  7. Yay! I’m freed from the fear of stalker status. I have added you – I’m hobbsandbean. 🙂 All your projects are so cute! I’m inspired now.

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