My Own Fairy Godmother

It turns out that I have my very own fairy godmother. Unlike the typical fairy godmother, she is quite a bit younger than I, in her twenties in fact, and working as a nurse in Spokane, Washington. And her specialty is snapping up dishes out of thin air. Well, almost thin air. Here’s how it happened.

She knew about the Spode Emma’s Garland dishes I picked up in England, and she spotted a bunch of them in a Spokane (TJ Maxx) store marked down to incredible prices, so she called me to see if I would like her to pick some up for me. But we were out of town, so I didn’t get her message until a couple days later. When I got it, I assumed that I probably missed my window, but I called her anyway to say, “Yes, by all means, grab any you can find!” The dishes have been discontinued (though I have found a few sources that are still selling them at full price).

Unbeknownst to me, she tracked down a whole car load of dishes. She called area stores and had them hold the dishes for her, and then she drove all over Spokane gathering them up. She even drove over into Idaho to another store that was holding some for her. Finally she drove them all down to Moscow for me! The upshot is that I now have enough of these darling Spode dishes for my entire Easter dinner, even with all the guests and grandkids! And the total ticket price was a fraction of the normal price. Here’s a peek.


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25 thoughts on “My Own Fairy Godmother

  1. Lovely! Don’t you just love dishes ;o) My Mom passed along this addiction to me, she and I will spend hours rearranging cabinets to make room for new dish additions. Don’t forget to post a pic of the completed Easter table.

  2. How exciting to know that TJ Maxx occasionally carries dishes like that. I had my eye on some spode dishes that Costco carried during the holidays, but waited too long and poof they were gone! Enjoy your beautiful dishes!

  3. Nancy,
    I was in TJ Maxx this weekend and saw these and thought of you! I recognized them from one of your previous posts. I don’t know how I can help…since I live in Alabama…but let me know if you want a certain piece and I can look for it and send to you!

  4. Thank you, Lori, for offering to send pieces. I am doing very well with what I have now, and a friend in Seattle offered to be on the lookout if I need to fill any gaps.

  5. I got a sneak peek of the car full o’ dishes – she’s quite the resourceful girl! And the dishes are cute to boot!

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