I finally finished this little dress for Chloe, and I think it turned out pretty cute in spite of the several points of agony I had with the pattern. I have chosen to overlook the mistakes, and just be proud that I finished the troublesome old thing before she outgrew it! dress-002.jpgdress-003.jpg 

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17 thoughts on “Ta- Da!

  1. That dress is incredible! Chloe in it makes it even better. I’m fifteen and I love to sew, though it happens more in the summer than during the school year. Did you knit the material?

  2. Martha- It is by Lois Daykin ( a Rowan designer), and using Rowan cashsoft yarn. But it was not published in a Rowan book, it is in her own book called Baby Knits.

  3. It’s very cute. She looks like a J-Crew model, but isn’t, which is why I find it to be all too clever.

  4. Oh my goodness Rachel, that is sweet. I love it! Particularly the layered gathers in back. Mistakes or no mistakes, that is a treasure!

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