Dinner Guests

We had some very special guests tonight for Sabbath dinner. They were quite a hoot, didn’t spill anything to speak of, didn’t need any spankings, and didn’t break one thing. And, there were eighteen of them! I got them to pose for a little after-dinner photo shoot. They were a little hard to keep still, but you get the general idea. Rory is the oldest, being a big seven years old. And yes, we had all their parents (and one set of grandparents!) as well, and they behaved nicely too. I’m sorry about the bright eyes. I tried to fix it, but it only made it worse, so I left them as is. But you get the idea. I tried to get a picture that would show the scope of the devastation in my kitchen, but Rachel was too fast and had a bunch of the dishes already done before I could take a picture. So you’ll have to imagine that part.


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4 thoughts on “Dinner Guests

  1. What a lovely group!

    And changing the subject a bit……..my youngest daughter LOVES Dandelion Fire. She says it has HP beat hands down, and that is huge coming from her. Really huge.

  2. Nancy,
    We had such a fantastic time! The food was delicious, the decor was Spring-y, and the company was very entertaining! There is nothing like old friends! Thanks so much!

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