Last night Doug and I watched the movie Fireproof, because we felt we really should. And, I have to say I was pleasantly surprised. Now I’m not saying there were no cheesey parts. There were. Nor am I saying it is great art. It most certainly is not. But it doesn’t seem to be aspiring to that. Some of the goofy spots seemed put in just to red flag that point.

But I kept thinking about how many millions of people in America need to see this movie. It was very much like a Sunday school flannelgraph lesson on how to save your wrecked marriage, and it takes you up the stairs one at a time. Very basic, very needed. And the simple message is a big improvement over the sophisticated flannelgraph lessons Hollywood presents the public over and over and over again.

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11 thoughts on “Fireproof

  1. Thank you for commenting on this. My husband and I watched this movie with some other Christian couples and we had expected much worse. But while I did have to cringe at some of the cheesiness, they did seem to be saying they weren’t taking themselves too seriously, only their message.

    Speaking of cheese, on a completely different point, I tried your mac and cheese recipe and it was very good! Thank you again for sharing it.

  2. I liked this movie too… except I found the female lead character to be colossally unappealing. but hey, maybe that’s just me;)

  3. I love the flannelgraph illustration – that rings true. We didn’t love it nearly as much as some others around us, but I also thought that a lot of people would benefit from it.

  4. I liked it too and my husband liked it a LOT more than he thought he would. I appreciate that group getting out there and trying to make good quality, wholesome entertainment. I say we as Christians should back them up! Thanks for mentioning this movie :0)

  5. I really liked it. But I really liked Facing the Giants too! There is something so refreshing about watching a Christian movie. I actually just got back from renting it again to watch with my in-laws tonight! Not that their marriage needs it but I think they will like it too! My favorite part was the hot sauce part. Hilarious.

  6. I’m also glad to hear you liked it. Our family watched it this weekend too. I, actually, wondered what Nate would have to say about this type of movie. So its fun to hear your opinion.

  7. Yay for good Christian movies! My husband and I were both pleasantly surprised at how much we enjoyed and appreciated this movie and its message. (I thought for sure my hubby would just poke fun at it, but he really enjoyed it!) While there was a bit of cheese here and there, we both came away from that movie feeling challenged, reminded and encouraged. Thanks for mentioning it! 🙂

  8. hey, i’m 15 and i loved the movie. i watched it one night by myself on my laptop. i was pleasantly surprised. I think that the lead male character was very good. i would watch it again. it’s very good!

  9. I liked Fireproof- it wasn’t the greatest movie ever, but it had a great message and was enjoyable. I’m really glad that it seems to be doing well, I think it presents a very refreshingly different view of marriage that is desperately needed in our culture.

  10. I agree about the cheesy parts(at one point in the movie, I leaned over to my husband and said, “I feel a cheesy cross scene coming on!”), but overall we were fairly impressed and we thought the message was really good.

    Considering that a church made this film, it was really well done. Not as polished as a Hollywood movie, to be sure, but very good for an independent film.

  11. You talked us into this movie, Nancy, and I am glad you did!
    My husband and I sat down for a “date night” and watched it. My husband was surprisingly moved by this movie.
    Like Garstabugg said, I was really sure my husband was going to poke fun!

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