More Contentment

In active obedience we worship God by doing what pleases God, but by passive obedience we do as well worship God by being pleased with what God does…It is but one side of a Christian to endeavour to do what pleases God; you must as well endeavour to be pleased with what God does, and so you will come to be a complete Christian when you can do both…

a little more from The Rare Jewel, by Burroughs

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5 thoughts on “More Contentment

  1. Mrs. Wilson, I am reading this book right now, (after so many of the marvelous quotes you have posted from it). I’m only a little way into it – but I’m feeling a little like I’m taking a sip from a fire hydrant – there’s just so much to glean.
    I really like the one you have above – and another which I keep thinking about: “If the attainment of true contentment were as easy as keeping quiet outwardly, it would not need much learning.”

  2. Speaking of contentment, I just wandered unsuspectingly over to your husband’s blog and saw the Miss California picture. Wow. I really try to stay away from pictures like that–and yes, that means I rarely watch TV! 🙂 But I do go to the grocery store…

    I wish I could get a handle on being content with what I look like, especially compared to women in the media. It may seem weird (and I am embarassed to confess this), but I can definitely say that feeling physically inferior is one of my biggest struggles. In fact, if I see footage of that nature, I can kind of go into emotional paralysis, not wanting to expose myself because I feel that I fall so far short. I can get over this and do move forward, I’m just trying to emphasize that I “have issues” and don’t consider myself the norm.

    In my mind I know that I am worth more than just what I look like, but I just want to crawl into a hole when I see pictures like that and know my husband sees them too. I feel so small, but I know it’s the result of my not setting my heart on the things above. (That’s why I’m so embarassed that I struggle with this so much–I know there are many other things that should bother me much more!)

    I think it’s also important for all of us to note how painful it is that so many of us women expose ourselves to the world, to the hurt of both our brothers and sisters. In other words, let’s consider each other in how we dress!

    And if there are any other ladies out there who “have issues” like me, then I hope you know how indescribably wonderful it is to have such a Big, kind, loving, accepting, gracious and beautiful Savior!

    All love and hope in our dear Christ,

  3. Thanks for regularly writing articles about contentment. And this one is particularly good because I think sometimes contentment is taught as being “resigned to.” This excerpt clearly points out that contentment involves joy on our part – something I am trying to develop more of through God’s strength. I think I need to get hold of this book!

  4. This is not related to the post, but, having heard some of your talks to mothers about principles of discipline, there is something I was wondering about, which I would be very grateful if you would explain:
    Something I don’t really understand is how repentence/forgiveness relates to discipline. I mean, for instance, does a child repenting and being forgiven for disobedience mean that they no longer need to be disciplined for it? How exactly would that effect their judgement?

  5. I applied your suggestions from several months back to study this book with a group of ladies. It has worked out very well. Thank you!!

    Burroughs’s examples and illustrations from the physical world – like a grasshopper living on the dew of God’s blessings – are so rich. They really stick in your mind.

    Are there any other books you’ve used in the same way?

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