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img_2072.JPG So, if you don’t already have a Texas sheet cake recipe that you adore, let this one be it. I am not a sheet cake enthusiast, but I actually look for reasons to make this one! Today we are celebrating Grandma Bessie’s 90th birthday, so I am making this to fill in the dessert cracks. I will simply assume that you are all making Mexican food tomorrow (and probably spending the whole day making pinatas and crepe paper flowers), so you will need a theme appropriate dessert. This cake has a dash of cinnamon in it, making it nicely coherent with a Mexican meal. Enjoy!

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7 thoughts on “Pretty Homestyle

  1. Y’all might try a variation sometime from some friends of ours in Ropesville, TX (south of Lubbock, population: 517…which tops the town closest to my family’s land by 338!). Leave out the cocoa from the cake batter, up the water to 1 cup when you boil it and keep the rest the same. It soon became the more requested of the two recipes in our home. Enjoy!

  2. Okay, this is random – did you make that cute little recipe paper up and print it out? Paper crafts make me more interested in baking…maybe. 🙂

  3. I made this recipe last week. Don’t do anything crazy, like making this when you know you’re almost out of powdered sugar. Even after putting the sugar in the blender, and then putting all the frosting in the blender the frosting remains grainy. I’m sure there’s a good science lesson in here somewhere–or a lesson on going to the store and just spending a buck on some powdered sugar.

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