Potato Heads

Today was Grandparents’ Day at Logos School, and Doug and I (being grandparents and all) watched our first-grader grandson perform in  “Three Little Piggies Opera,” our granddaughter recite poems and Scripture with her kindergarten class, and then we had a hands-on, potato-head making activity with our two preschool granddaughters. And here they are with their potato heads to prove it. You should know that we sliced out the top of the potato, inserted cotton balls, sprinkled them with grass seed and watered them. Now these potato heads will grow a head of green hair as they sit in their respective kitchen windows.


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8 thoughts on “Potato Heads

  1. what a cute idea! i am going to do this with my kids, although i suspect my son’s will be a potato race car or space ship rather than something so mundane as a face. my daughter’s however *will* be a potato head, a person- and she will take hours to complete it and every feature will be placed exactly just *so*☺

    have a wonderfully blessed mother’s day♥

  2. Valerie,
    Actually, the whole idea was for the grandparents/parents to make one with their grandchild. I helped Ameera make hers, while Lina’s mom (Rachel) helped her. I”m afraid Doug missed out in the potato head making. He popped back to the office and then joined us for lunch. But I’m sure, if he had the opportunity, he would make a very picturesque potato head!

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