Looking back, looking forward

A couple more Rutherford quotes:

When we shall come home and enter to the possession of our Brother’s fair kingdom, and when our heads shall find the weight of the eternal crown of glory, and when we shall look back to pains and sufferings; then shall we see life and sorrow to be less than one step or stride from a prison to glory; and that our little inch of time-suffering is not worthy of our first night’s welcome home to heaven.

Lay all your loads and your weights by faith upon Christ. Ease yourself, and let Him bear all. He can, He does, He will bear you.

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3 thoughts on “Looking back, looking forward

  1. My mother gave me a copy of “The Loveliness of Christ” a few months ago when we lost our third baby. God has continually blessed and encouraged us through the words of this man – we praise Him for His kindness in giving us written words like these, lights in a dim day. Praise the Lord.

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