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I don’t know if you have ever heard of Cookie magazine (I hadn’t), but from all appearances it is a fun magazine about kids, kids’ clothes, food, travel, and general topics of interest for moms. I had to go to Hastings to find a copy, and you may wonder why I went to all this trouble. Because I’m a mom, and my daughter got one of her lovely Amoretti dresses featured on page 41 of Cookie magazine, the June and July issue. I wish I could post a link or something, but it’s in the magazine and not on the website. But her fun little Fancy Free dress is pictured with other dressy clothes for kids in a feature called “party hoppers” about what kids can wear to weddings. And it’s just darling. If you want to see my beautiful granddaughter Bel in the dress, you can go to the Amoretti website and see it here. But if you get a peak at a Cookie magazine, you’ll see someone else’s cute little granddaughter modeling the same adorable dress.

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4 thoughts on “Cute Cookie

  1. I’ve never heard of Cookie magazine either… but I most certainly have heard of your daughter’s Amoretti designs/ They are lovely, and I’m not at all surprised some delightful magazine has chosen to have one of her dresses on their pages… in fact it is the first of many I am certain☺

  2. I bought one of your daughter’s gypsy skirts for my grand daughter. She just loved it so much and looked so adorable in it. I emailed a picture of her to your sweet daughter and she emailed me right back. She is precious!

  3. Just make sure to skip the not so great parenting advice column. They do have some fun craft ideas and super cute clothes (of course), but I’ve found the articles and advice to be not so supportive of my goals to be a Godly wife.

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