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Howdy! I’m literally running past my computer and typing with my left elbow as I pack bins for our move with my other hand, list items on ebay with my foot, and scrub down the walls and clean spots out of the carpet with my other foot. You should see it. Breathtaking. It might also explain why I don’t seem to be making much progress in any of those areas . . .

Anyway, I’m merely stopping in to tell everyone to zoom over to the Fortnightly Purse. I’ve changed things around a bit, and so the giveaway is on another page (a whole extra click you have to go through) . . . however, it’s worth the trip because this time the giveaway is one of the new, not yet released, Amoretti Summer dresses! So head on over to enter!

Also, make sure to notice that we’re now also selling scrap bags of the fabric used in the production – which is loads of fun. So trot along and see it – and meanwhile I will continue my absurd maneuvers here attempting to get ready to move this family across the ocean again! (6th time in 3 years. Not for sissies I’ll tell you that much!)

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6 thoughts on “Drive by blog post

  1. I’m totally on board with a scrap bag of your fabric, Bekah. I just bounced over there and back, and ordered two of them. Now I can’t wait to make some fun things out of your beautiful fabric. A great idea — thanks for offering it!

    Aunt Monica

  2. I know you’re busy and probably a bit stressed and tired and all that but, if at all possible, could you please not use “literally” to mean “figuratively”? The poor word has enough work to do denoting those things which are done in a literal manner. It simply won’t be able to keep up with the demand if it has to do all of figuratively’s work too.

  3. Amanda,
    In Bekah’s defense, I must say that it is a hyperbolic use of the word literal, not a literal use of literal. But still, you have a very good point!

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