Designer Clothing for Nana

My Oxford granddaughters have sewn me a blouse from Amoretti scrap fabric, and I must send you here so you can admire it (just in case you have not seen it over on the Fortnightly Purse blog already). Is this darling or what? Be sure to examine the details, like the strip of red fabric decorating the sleeves. I think I’m seeing a future clothing line for grandmothers. And what could be more obvious? If their mother designs clothing for girls, then it’s only natural that they should get started on the Nana clothes.  By the time Bekah is a grandma herself, her girls will have a whole line available, and guess who will model? Are you seeing what I’m seeing? I can’t wait!

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5 thoughts on “Designer Clothing for Nana

  1. Well, I’m not a Nana *quite* yet… but give me 5 or 10 years and I will be! Do you think that sweet blouse might make it to production by then? 😉

    seriously, if I were you, I’d hang that gorgeous thing up in my bedroom where I could just gaze upon it and feeeel the love♥

  2. I think it’s sweet! But, to ask a serious question, what do you say when their little expectant eyes are just dying for you to try on this new masterpiece, and you can’t? My kids have made me things that are adorable–but don’t work.

  3. Megan, my tactic was to allow it to adorn a large stuffed animal. After I explain why it won’t fit Mommie, they are thrilled to see it put to good use!

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