Summer Sale

Howdy everyone! I’m back in the good old USA and livin’ it up in the land of ample parking! I can’t tell you how lovely it is to see miles and miles of asphalt with W I D E parking places where you can actually open your car door far enough to be able to exit the vehicle. And next time you go to the grocery store you can think of me getting a little shiver of excitement that I can pull into a parking place in one smooth movement, not having to execute an 18 point turn to wheedle in and then back out again. And the parking is free! And then you can walk right into where you want to shop! Umbrella toting is totally unnecessary! Of course, the actual places that you walk into to shop here in Moscow are perhaps a notch or two down the scale of excitement . . . there aren’t any Tailors By Appointment To Her Majesty The Queen which have been here since 1689 . . . and there aren’t any outlet malls whatsoever, much less outlet malls with Versace and Armani and Dior and Hackett and Cath Kidston . . . but I’m not mentioning that. I am focusing on the glory of convenience and functionality. And right now convenience and functionality are worth their weight in gold in my book.

In other news, there’s a Summer Sale on at Amoretti. It seems a mite uncouth of me to have the first thing I’ve posted in months be about Amoretti . . . but oh well. I’m doing it anyway. Mom already pointed out that there are a couple new dresses available now . . . and if you haven’t already looked you should check it out. And make sure before you go to arm yourself with the coupon code “femina” in order to get 20% off your entire order!


There you have it. And in about two ticks I will be awarding the purse and posting another one . . . so make sure to check back in there later today.

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3 thoughts on “Summer Sale

  1. Just clicked on the Amoretti link. The preview video came on and the second song caused my kids to ROLL on the FLOOR while BELLY LAUGHING HYSTERICALLY! Great choice, Bekah! Shopping made fun for the whole family ;-)…

  2. Hi Bekah, I wasn’t sure whether to write to you here or to your Amoretti email… I just tried ordering with my brother some of your gorgeous and exciting Amoretti items from your site for my younger sister’s birthday. However, when we typed in the codes (Debut, Femina…) to get the 20% discount, nothing happened. Just wondering what I need to do? Thanks.

  3. Hi Nae!

    Sorry I didn’t get this earlier . . . email me at and I can try and get that sorted out! Other orders have been coming through just great so I have no idea why it would be acting finicky for you! But drop me an email and we can get it dealt with!

    Thanks so much!

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