A friend of mine told me an anecdote that she thought I might be able to use as an illustration of the pettiness of so many of our squabbles. She and her future husband were driving down the highway having an argument and had gotten out of fellowship with one another. In fact, they were angry with one another. As they rounded a bend on the highway, they spotted a wreck, and just as they drove past, they saw the ambulance crew zipping up a body bag and loading it into the ambulance. Needless to say, they both lost their desire to be at odds with one another, and they saw their own foolishness for what it was.

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2 thoughts on “Perspective

  1. We almost lost our youngest to bacterial pneumonia in January. It has definitely changed my perspective about a lot of things. Yet I confess in the day to day, I still need to stop and think. It’s easy to lose that precious perspective that came at such a great cost. Having a quiet time, even a brief escape to my closet, helps tremendously to keep me on track. Praise God for His mercy!

  2. It is like your father-in-law says, in the Bitterness booklet, how close is the real or imagined offense to you? It is emotional, not logical or necessarily reasonable

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