A Woodsy Fellow


Doug and I spent three days this past week in the Oregon forest at Trout Creek Camp, and this fine fellow joined us in the lodge for meals. It was a delightful change of pace for us being out in the woods. Our sister church in Oregon City hosted two separate camps at the same time (a boys’ camp and a girls’ camp), and you guessed it, we were the speakers. What a fun loving group! When they weren’t listening to talks, the girls (and counselors) were participating in organized activities like swimming,  softball, volleyball,  playing the chimes (and they even sounded good!) and tie-dying t-shirts. We were refreshed by their enthusiasm and kindness to us.

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6 thoughts on “A Woodsy Fellow

  1. Thanks for coming and speaking to the girls at camp! They all loved your talks and there have been lots of fruitful discussions pouring forth since. 🙂 It was very gracious of you to take time away from your family, work and summer life to spend time with our little group. It was great fun to get to know you a little better and see you interact with our girls. God bless your continuing good works!

  2. My family and I visited the church in Oregon City a few years ago before visiting the Oregon coast and received such a warm welcome. We were visiting from a sister church in the south and were refreshed by the friendly fellowship. I would love to visit again.

  3. All of these things are familiar! Though I’m way out in West Virginia, I’m from Oregon and all my family live there. I went to Trout Creek Camp as a child and I think that is probably the same moose that was hanging in the dining hall back then. 🙂 My husband and I attended the church in Oregon City when we were last in Oregon for a family visit. It’s the only service we’ve been to in a CREC church besides our own that we are planting here in Morgantown. What a blessing it was to us!! It’s very nice to picture you there with those folks enjoying my “homeland” and blessing them with your speaking. I’m glad you shared!
    Julie Jones

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